Agility with Zest! trial 3

We had a really wonderful weekend. We travelled to Ft Collins, Co to trial under Carole Lynn Evan's first judging assignment. Zest was really "on" and handled herself beautifully. And the courses were really, really nice.

You can see her run here:

Did I mention how proud I am of this little girl? She makes me very happy, every day.
My superstar in training 😃


I love it, Look at her.
Congrats. you have every reason to be proud of her..

WooHOO… way to go.... both of you!!!!

Congrats! Zoni is proud of her half-sister!

She did beautifully! And a lovely little girl. She will get better and better the more seasoned she becomes…then you'll have a hard time keeping up with her!

You have worked long and hard with her. Congratulations!

Woohoo!! You guys are great!!! You should be proud! On her and yourself!

That's really great!!! 😃

I thought of starting agility with Zuri, too.
You and Zest are a very good example that it can work with a basenji! 😉

Absolutely brilliant Agile and Zest, i am sooooo impressed

Thanks everyone. AJ'sHuman, I actually can't wait for her to speed up a little in competition. She's faster at home.

Dani - oh you so should do agility with your Zuri. My brindle boy was sooo good to me on the agility circut.

I can see why you are proud that is a large WAY TO GO. Zest your great.

Rita Jean

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