Puppy Nosework, Week 3

Here is L'Ox from last weekend. I just forgot to post the video. He is now working with scattered boxes and other objects in the enviroment. He is also starting to do elevated searches. I have kept him at this level for another week because it is a bit more challenging and because this weekend he also was introduced to another new activity, lure coursing, and I thought it wouldn't hurt to keep him at this level another week.

Are you working him to learn this as a service issue? ie service dog, or is it just to keep him busy?

I am working with him on this as a game for us to play. Nosework is a very new dog sport but it is alot of fun and the founders have worked really hard to make it a sport everyone can enjoy with their dog and to make it a very positive experience for the dogs.

I have been working my adults at it also. They really enjoy the game. We are working towards pairing the food with a target scent. Our first scent will be birch but that is still several weeks away for L'Ox.

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