BCOA national specialty agility

Just a friendly reminder if you are participating in the BCOA national specialty's agility trial, new rules go into effect on Sept 1. Our trial is on the second. I don't know that the new rules will change how you train/practice, but just thought I'd put that out there.

As I might be going, but am not doing agility, can you share what the new rules are??

nothing really exciting for spectators, but there will no longer be a require position on the table (dog just has to get up there for 5 seconds) and the tire will be one jump height lower. But please do come out and watch. Also, we'll need lots of help and most of the "jobs" are very easy, but critical to have the trial run smoothly.

edited because i posted two or three times - it's been a long day.

BCOA National Agility videos:

Novice class:

Open class:

Excellent class:

Various National runs that did not quite turn out as we all would have liked:

Drew and V doing an indoor show (we do not have indoor shows in Az):

(NOTE: Somehow I have each run twice of Drew and V - just ignore the second version. Not sure how to change it now. )

Hope you enjoy them.


oh that was just painful to watch (at least my runs!). it's a shame the camera person focused on me instead of getting Zest running into the fence. On the upside, gosh the equipment looks nice!

results are posted here:

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