Poor ole guy - he's such a lovable doggie - hope this clears up soon for him…

Just got home from the vet, Topper has a bit of a prolapsed rectum, that is the hemorrhoid-looking red area I saw, and he did say that Prep H may help a bit. He has had soft stools for a few weeks, occasional diarrhea, and I took a fresh stool specimen which they tested…and found hookworms! None of mine have ever had any kind of worms, but I guess a first time for everything. We started treatment (3 days worth) today and hopefully that will help with rear irritation. We are treating Ed & Nick too, just in case!

Hopefully getting rid of the hooks will lessen the irritation in the rear! I'm thinking he isn't going to care for prep H inserted!!!!

Awww…I'm sorry for your basenji's pain & ur heartache 😞

Thanks, he is a tough old guy, I just want him to be comfortable.

Poor old Topper - he is a great dog, hope the medications work and he is feeling better soon. He's got good "parents," and that will mean the most to his recovery.

For Follow-up: We treated Topper daily for 3 days with panacur (sp?) powder, within 48 hours his rear looked better, less red all around the area and he stopped licking and biting at it. The prolapse is much improved, hardly noticeable, the large red area has returned to normal. I am so glad I grabbed that stool specimen, as the vet, like me, was assuming something wrong with the rectum, not looking for parasites, especially as we are on Heartguard Plus ( I do stretch it to avery 5-6 weeks in winter when there are no mosquitos, guess I won't be doing that any more!). And for a parasite that excretes very microscopic larve, it is amazing how irritated his rear was from it. He really seemed to feel bad, now 5 days later he is obviously over it, stools normal, rear normal, coat glossy, he is frisking around as much as he can…all that misery over nasty teeny worms!

Just browsing and came across these posts and I'm glad I did. I've noticed that for some days now my 'old' boy (going on 15) has been licking his rear end. There isn't a lump though but he is obviously distressed by it. Because of what I've been reading I've decided to get him to the vet. I hesitate always to take him at his age although he is very perky and 'young' feeling (like me his body lets him down some times!)and have been putting neem oil on it just before he goes for his walk so that he doesn't think to lick it off straight away. I always think that if these oils/ointments can be left on for 10 minutes they still have an effect. I worm him regularly which is essential on a stock farm but there could be some that have escaped the treatment.
Once again I have been helped by this forum, thank you everybody.

I would suggest giving Panacur to all your dogs because obviously your older dog caught it from somewhere and it is possible your other dogs might have it also!


All the dogs were wormed two weeks ago but with Drontal. Is it safe to give Panacur so soon or ought I to wait a week or so? Thank you for your advice.

Hi Jennifer, if your suggestion to worm all dogs was to me, we did worm the younger 2 with a different drug, 1 dose last week and another in a month. I pretty much insisted on it. Topper has other health issues and a crappy immune system, so he gets stuff the others don't get, but I don't want any yukky hookworms anywhere around us.

And Patty, your boy could have anal gland issues that are causing the licking, not necessarily worms.


MacPack - thank you,Ama goes to the vets tomorrow so will then know what's what. The glands don't seem impacted but could certainly be the problem. I'll let you know.

MacPack - thank you - it was anal glands and boy, were they full! We didn't get to the vet until today because we had car issues. Ama is his old self again now so he was obviously very uncomfortable before.
I don't know why he had troubles because he is fed raw meat and plenty of vegetables so I would think he has plenty of fibre to keep him firm. Does any one have any ideas of what else I can give him to help prevent this happening again?

I feed my 2 raw pumpkin and have no gland issues here.

I know the hemorrhoids issue was a little time ago but here is food for that and several other things. You can look up Colloidal Silver on goggle and see what all it is good for. One of the web sites I looked at today was www.diagnose-me.com. We have used silver on our dogs before it was the 10 ppm that is high enough on the ppm goes higher and higher but as I said 10 ppm is more than enough. Please look up colloidal silver.

I'll try pumpkin if I can get hold of it - it's not readily available here. Thanks.

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