Hello from Kansas, too. We are close to Topeka.
My brother lives in K.C. and just got his red/white pup, Hank, about 6 weeks ago.

Welcome to the forum!

Hi, Johnny b. We are about 3 miles from Missouri line. That is state line is also Kansas City, Mo. I am sure your brothers house is full of fun. Our family is having a blast i like his name. Were did he come from and how old his he. I think Jaycee has grown like a week puppy one day and the next long leg runner. Talk at you soon again and we can all get pictures on here so we can see each others baby. Have a great evening.

Rita Jean

Hank is from Megan Sorhus in Missouri.He was born Christmas Eve.
Our jonny is approx. 2 and we got him from Springfield. He is a BRAT. We got them together to play Easter. It was a Blast!!

Jaycee came from a city down by Springfield and was born on 12.26. This is cool. I bet it was a blast watching the two play together. I am sure there was a lot of laughing. They can do some of the most silly things I have ever seen. Jaycee must have 30 stuffed animals they are all over the livingroom and hallway and she just goes and plays with everyone of them. I could just see two of them playing double the trouble that would be great.

Rita Jean

Welcome to the forum! Can't wait to see pictures 😃

Hello and welcome:D


Thank you for sending the link to their site - on their nursery page - I have asked them to remove the pictures of the puppies in a picnic basket - those are mine - the photo is owned by Laurie Erickson and was taken directly from my website.

That is very not nice.

To dmcarty I did not know were the pictures came from. I am sorry they used it Your correct not very nice but as I say I did not know.

To D. Thank you for the welcome will try to get a picture of Jaycee on here today.

Rita Jean

FYI - they did remove the picture. It is good that the parents were actually fanconi tested - and appear on the site. I don't personally care for the sham registry that some of their dogs are in (APRI) but at least they also do AKC.

Have fun with your basenji

Hello & welcome from Canada.


All I really know is that Jaycee is AKC. I did see that the picture was gone from the site. I will say that the puppies were raised with a lot of love. They were great with the babies and so were the children. The babies were not just in a cage and left.

Rita Jean

Welcome to the forum. That's quite the crew you have there. (I had to google the parrot, had no idea what a blue fronted was:o)

How did you decide on a Basenji as your new family member??

OOOOH, I love Shibas, tell me more about your other fur-babies.

To Snorky998
Thank you for the welcome. My crew is crazy it's the animalhouse. My blue fronted is a fairly large amzon parrot very spoiled but loves just about everybody but the vet. His name is Sweetpea and I think the reason he has liked Jaycee is because in the morning soon as she gets up Jaycee takes his cover off his cage. My vet says he strange because he will not go to bed until we do and sleeps in as long as we do.
We had talked about getting another dog and I really wanted something clean like our shiba and we at first went looking at shiba's. Then I went onto the internet looking for clean and no shed and fun and loving how we found out about Jaycee. Then we went to all kinds of web sites to read about them the good and the bad. When we got our shiba the lady gave us a book she had put together and the cover read The Dog From Hell. Well Spice our shiba we never found to be really all that bad different somestimes but not BAD. We talked about Jayce and went to see them and decided this was for us. She is cool and different but not a lot difffrent than Spice was as a baby. Spice is 10 years old and we love her to death. We went to the vet today and she is still healthy just a little middle age spread. I will say Spice to this day I would never trust in the front yard without her leash because see wants to go after anything thats flys or runs and no means I DO NOT HEAR YOU. I all ready see Jaycee going to be the same way so just natural there is the dog leash on hook by front door and placed on the dog before door opened and we are doing Jaycee the same.
The Shiba really has more hair and she does loose it in the house in the spring and fall we just try to keep her brushed. They are also a very neat and cool dog to have. They are your friend for life. Our Akita just to big 140 lbs later and he his a long hair they really loose hair bad in the fall and spring but a long hair has to be about 100 times more hair. His name is Sterling and he has his own room off our garage he does come in the house but we keep the house to warm in the winter and just not cool enought for him in the summer. Over our years we have had akita's this is our 3rd one. They are special need lots of love and have to make sure they are with people. Akita is from Japan and that maybe why we got Spice she is also from Japan and we had wanted something a little smaller.
People love all our babies they laugh at us and tell us our pets mind and act better than our kid's do. I hope and think they are just joking about our kids but then again we have one just now 18 and a one ready to be a teenager this summer so could be true our animals are better. Ha ! Ha !

Thanks for the family story. I love them.

I commiserate with you on the teenage thing. As much as we know about our 2-leggers, the neighbors and teachers always seem to have a different perspective. College seems to be looming in your near future–good luck. There's something wonderfully-scary about finally sending the kids away.:eek:

Your comment about your Shiba, "different, not BAD" is a mantra you'll invoke on a daily basis with a new Basenji in the mix.

Again, welcome. Dawn


All I really know is that Jaycee is AKC. I did see that the picture was gone from the site. I will say that the puppies were raised with a lot of love. They were great with the babies and so were the children. The babies were not just in a cage and left.

Rita Jean

Do you have the AKC papers to register her? Just curious because on the OFA site the registration numbers are not their AKC numbers, the one is B06WYDG34395A And if you look at Sally W's pedigree site, the sires and dams are listed as unknown.

If your pup is AKC it would be great to have the pedigree so that Sally can update her pedigree site with that infomation other then unknown/unknown

Hello and welcome.

Hello and thank you for the welcome. Have a nice day.

Rita Jean

Pat yes we did get Jaycee's AKC application at the time we got her. Have not got cert back yet as we were really slow in her name made us slow in mailing.

Rita Jean

Welcome to our group - as you can tell already we are all very passionate about our dogs and especially their health and genetic disorders (some of us also get upset about the disreputable breeders that are out there). If you are new to basenjis you are in for a real treat - they are not at all like other breeds. So be sure to laugh a lot even when Jaycee does stuff she shouldn't.

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