• Hi I rescued a dog from the local animal shelter last year and they told me that she was a basenji/husky mix. I have been doing a lot of reading on the basenji and she sounds to be a whole lot basenji and maybe very little husky! She is full grown now and weighs approx. 20-25lbs. She has blue eyes and is tri-colored. She has long fur, but not very long, I would say it is about an inch long. She has all the temperament and quirks of the basenji, but I am not a breeder so I have no clue. I would really like some opinions on if she is a basenji or not. Even though it is hard to tell thru pictures online. If anyone could be of some assistance that would be great. 🙂

  • Hello & welcome to the group. You will find a great deal of information here. Please post pics.


  • Here is my baby girl!

  • Welcome to the forum!

    Your girl, at least to me, does look like she has some basenji in her…I see it in the face, especially! She's VERY unique looking! Welcome!

  • Hey Thank you, I have noticed the paws to be basenji as well. She likes to curl herself into a ball and she stays with me, no matter where I go. I love her so much and could not ask for a better dog.

  • Hello and welcome to the forum!
    Your girl is beautiful!

  • She is a pretty girl. I agree with Andrew about her face looking "Basenji-ish." I can see what he means, especially in the first pic where she is looking down at the cat. My Bella looks like that when she follows my cats… but, whatever she is, she's a cutie!

  • I too see a little basenji in her - the neck seems wrong though. A breeder could probably tell better.
    In any case - a beautiful dog.

  • I would say some kind of Husky mix, but very cute

  • Welcome to the forum, (replied already in your photo topic:))

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