• 😃 I think we need some basenji Christmas songs such as:

    Santa Senj is coming to town.

    I'm dreaming of a new chew toy.

    Jingle Bells, I want new smells.

    Silent Night, until I bite
    the burglar's leg, by the window frame.

  • How about "Have Yourself a Furry Little Christmas." Then there's "Wreck the Halls," and of course for when you've been REALLY naughty "I'm Gettin Nuttin for Christmas."

  • <><

  • I left out "Santa Paws Is Comin to Town," which is also a movie if you can get them to watch!

  • These are hysterical - I LOVE the "Ivy…Ivy...IVY!"...I'll definately be doing tht with Nala this holiday season!
    Keep those clever tunes coming!

  • Okay, all basenjis love "Baroo Christmas." Yes, I know I have too much time on my hands. Can't think of any more right now anyway!

  • A preface….
    Our dogs ring a string of sleigh bells when they need to go out.

    Sleigh bells ring. Are you listening?
    I have to pee. The snow is glistening.

    A beautiful sight, yellow snow in the night.
    Be careful in the winter wonder land!

  • That is hysterical! I hope you'll write some more.

  • I'll bar-ooo for Christmas,
    You can count on me.
    Don't like snow upon my toes
    All presents are for me.
    Christmas Eve will find me,
    Where the love light gleams.
    I'll bar-ooo for Christmas,
    If only for some treats. 😃

    There ya go, a basenji version of I'll be Home for Christmas!! LOL

  • Now that one's destined to become a classic!!

  • LOL …u guys sound so fun! I love Basenji ppl ...we are all so great! loltwiddles08@hotmail.com 🙂

  • Hi Twiddles, I had intended to write a Basenji Christmas song but have been too busy to do it. I'm hoping to do something for the New Year. This was a great topic, wasn't it?

  • sure was! lol so how are you? How many Bs do you have? I want to have another one sometime…but idk where to find one! lol even if I dont breed my dog, I just want the commpany of another B cuz she is 7...yes i accidentally put 5 on another part, but she is 7. So i dont know how much longer she'll live! Im scared...I love her to death!!!!
    Good talking to you Lenora
    ~Whitney (Have a Very Merry Christmas!)

  • I only have one, Abbey, and she'll be 3 on Christmas Day. Don't think I could handle more than one. These people that have herds of them are braver than I am!!!

  • that is sweet. I lovethem. im sure i could handle at least one more….maybe not to many more tho lol ...I hope u and Abby have a merry christmas

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