• Nicky did pretty well last night. He has a hard time getting comfortable because he wants to lay on the side with the incision then decides he doesn't like how that feels so then he decides to move and try a different position.

    He has a good appetite and other than being annoyed at all the things he isn't allowed to do for the next two weeks, he is pretty much his regular self.

  • I *bet that is uncomfortable!!! So, since it was a sarcoma, I am guessing it was in the muscle tissue, is that inaccurate? After having a C-section, I know that I never want to have muscle cut again!! And it was small, compared to the relational size of Nicky's incision.

  • Poor Nicky…that incision IS huge. I'm happy that he made it thru well and that he is eating well, and able to get some rest. It must be such a big relief to have the surgery itself behind you…although I'm sure the wait for the pathology result is torture.

  • I'm glad he is doing well after the surgery and I hope the next couple weeks of rest will fly by. I'm crossing my fingers the test results are all positve.

  • Lisa, Hugs and Kisses to Nicky from relatives Shadow and Sugar.

  • Wow, that is a huge incision, but if it is just skin and not muscle, it probably doesn't bother him too much. Fingers crossed for clean margins!

  • Best wishes from all four of us for a fast healing.

  • I am not sure if it was in the muscle. My vet and the surgery specialist thought it was kind of odd for a sarcoma because it was so free moving under the skin. He is really doing very well. He had an easy day at home while the girls when racing.


  • Oh my!! Sending healing thoughts your way!!

  • Sending healing thoughts and for a positive outcome – as in complete cure. I can understand the large incision, but why do they always have to shave so much? 😉

  • Prayers for a full recovery. Poor little guy. Breaks my heart just looking at him. So glad it was removed totally.

  • nodekerdeb, love your artwork…I have visited your site many time.
    What a wonderful gift you have.

  • Sharron, huh??😕

  • The post before your one.
    See the artwork on the left hand side where photos are.
    She does wonderful work.
    Sorry for your confusion.

  • I am totally shocked at the size of the incision! My word they went halfway around that poor boy. I am very happy that he is doing well though. I have been worried about the whole thing. hugs

  • Lisa, were you waiting for pathology, or was it already confirmed to be malignant? What is your next step…just waiting?

  • We are still waiting for the biopsy results. The original cytology showed it was most probably malignant. The type it is though has a very low chance of recurring, less than 5%, if the surgeon was able to get all of the tumor. The problem is that it highly invasive so it usually invades the surrounding tissue which is why his incision was so large. So what really want to hear from the biopsy is that he got clean margins. If he did, it is my understanding that Nicky should not have to have any further treatment and we just keep monitoring all of his lumps and bumps very carefully.

  • We are doing a happy dance in California! Nicky's biopsy results are back and they were able to completely excise his tumor. It was diagnosed as a low grade spindle cell sarcoma. The smallest margin was 1.5 cm and the largest 3.5 cm. This type of tumor has a low chance of recurring when completely removed.


    Thank you so much for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

  • Thank heavens!!!! I am soooo happy for the positive outcome. Give Nicky a hug from me. 🙂

  • Hooray from Florida!!!!!!

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