New member from MO

my name is julie and i am from MO…I own one basenji with two dobermans...i am glad i found this place 🙂

Welcome to the pack. Lots of great information and collective experience. Tell us more about your basenji (you can mention the dobermans too :))

Hello & welcome from Canada. Nice to have you here.


Welcome! Where is your basenji from? All 3 of mine are Jerlin dogs - lovely temperments on them. Are you doing dogsports with either breed? I do agility with my basenjis witch is an adventure in itself!

i was showing my little b in conformation but not anymore…the dobes r finshed or nutered

Glad to have you with us! Tell us more about your dogs!

Welcome to the forum!

Glad you found us. Its a great group of folks.

Welcome to the forum!

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