• Hey Everyone, thought I'd share a quick story about the puppy…

    Yesterday, Bassit made me laugh and laugh. We've only had her for about 2 weeks now, and so this is the first really windy day that I've walked her. It was the longest, funniest walk of my life. Every single leaf that blew by caused her to stop, stare intently at it, stare up at me, and watch it again! It completely blew her mind!

  • LoL, Rocky does the same thing but he goes chasing after the leaves… that is of course until he sees another leaf that grabs his short attention span 🙂

    B's are just awesome.

  • That would be a cute video to see, the pup and the leaves.

  • Gossy does that when we go for walks - it's funny but also a little scary when she's staring down a leaf in the street and cars are coming.

  • God forbid a leaf blow nearby when Ruby is trying to poop, because that is pretty much the end of any output from her. She is too much…a very short attention span. :D:D

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