• This boy looks familiar; could he have been a BRAT rescue previously and be back in a foster home? What a handsome guy…


  • I remember that face! He was on the BRAT site not too long ago.

  • I remember the name, Taz… bless his little heart. But the petfinder story says he was given up by a breeder who is 'getting out of the business.' I am confused...😕

  • This is the same dog, I am positive. He was originally listed under Nebraska on the BRAT site. After reading the PetFinder review, it looks like the exact wording that was used on the BRAT site. I specifically remember the not being housebroken part. I have a friend that is desperately seeking a basenji female from BRAT and I thought Taz was so cute that I mentioned him to my friend. So maybe someone was fostering him from Nebraska and would have more info? I thought BRAT rescues were supposed to go back to BRAT if the new owner no longer wanted the dog. It would be good to find out who adopted and then gave him up so BRAT could flag that person in case they tried to adopt another B.

  • Wasn't this one of the dogs that came from a person getting out of breeding dogs? If I remember right, while they might have been on BRAT's site they were not BRAT dogs.. they were only listed to help with maybe finding them homes?

  • Looks like Taz is back on the BRAT site now, same way, noted as not a BRAT dog. Poor guy. Hope he finds a forever home soon.


  • Taz has been in foster care through the Midwest Dog Resuce Network since he was turned over by the breeder (I believe around 8 months old). He had two sisters in foster care with him for a short time but they were adopted quickly. They were all shown on the BRAT website but were not evaluated by, or in the care of BRAT. He is such a handsome boy, I had given some serious thought to adopting him until they updated his profile to say that "he likes to be the boss". My female B absolutely has to be the boss of all other dogs (!) so I knew this combo wouldn't work out 😞
    Here is the link to the organization caring for him:

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