Basenji boy may need ride (in CA)

  • Medfly Brigade Basenji Rescue says there is a one year old Basenji boy who will be in Antioch,CA today and needs a ride to Tulare County ( Lindsey) or even if you could do partway this weekend. Is there a possibility anybody could help on this transport? An SOS is being sent out by the rescue in Lindsey and a driver might be found, but in case we have a problem, is there anyone that could help?

  • Even half way like to Fresno or close. Basenji Rescue said if he can be dropped off at the Petco in Visalia, someone will take him to Lindsay where they will then pick him up to go to their place in Acton.

  • Does he have to go today?

  • It would be tomorrow Lisa. Here's the email.

    Hi Dan
    An update on the B’s ride. If someone can get him to the Petco in Visalia (very close to the freeway) by 3 pm on Saturday, he can get a ride to Lindsey where we can pick him up.

    Karen Jones

    Basenji Rescue of California

    PO Box 93

    Acton, CA 93510

    (661) 269-2364

  • I can't do anything this weekend, sorry. My parents are up from Southern California this weekend.

  • He's not neutered yet so no pick up needed this weekend.

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