Hi! A new forum member here, although I've been a basenji mom for over 6 years.

I adopted 2 BRATs - Mr. Calvin and Momma Rosalyn - back in 2003. Roz is gone now, but Mr. Calvin is still around at 17 years old. Senile, but still around. My younger b-boy is Bashir, and he is now going on 7 years old.

Just wanted to post and say hi!

Welcome! I am new today as well. 17 years old?! Wow, that's great! My two are 13 & 15. I have noticed that when mine turned 13 they seemed to start sleeping a lot harder in that when I get home from work they often don't greet me at the door and I will find them asleep in their beds. Other than that they are going strong.

welcome to the forum 🙂

17 years? that's amazing!

Nice to have you join us! I LOVE hearing about Bs that are 15 and up!

Welcome to the forum! We love pictures! 🙂

Senior dogs rock!

Welcome to the forums and thank you for rescuing the two BRATs. :D:D It's wonderful you are still sharing your life with the one… Where did you get Bashir?

Hello & welcome from Canada. Nice to have you here>


Welcome to the forum!

Your B's have very beautifull ages… WOW! I hope our B's will get that old!

Welcome to you, so lucky they are, thanks for them.

Welcome, and thank you for taking care of the special old ones in need.

I never understood the specialized needs of the elderly until my sister visited with her senile Llhas. Poor little guy was so disoriented in my house (reduced eyesight also). We realized (a few days later) scent was his comfort factor. Sis emptied out her suitcase but left a T-shirt and "Taz" slept there for the rest of his visit. It was heartbreaking and enlightening at the same time.

Welcome to the forum and bless you for adopting a senior dog. Too few people are wiling to open their heart and home for a senior pet and it warms my heart to hear stories like this.

Welcome to our pack!
(At first I thought you meant you had two brats – not two BRATS :))

Thanks for the welcome!

This is our Mr. Calvin, sleeping in his bed…

He looks like a sweet ol' guy!;)

Welcome to the forum from Christiane in France! I haven't been in touch for a while now and I am really pleased to connect and welcome a new member.
Anubie who is sitting next to me is sending a big hello too!

Bashir- what a cool name! Welcome to the forums!

I was just revisiting this old thread I posted a while back. I haven't been on this forum much, but looking at a picture of my Mr. Calvin made me cry a little.

We had to help Mr. Calvin cross over the Rainbow Bridge last year. He was 18 years old. We miss him a lot.

Big welcomes to you!

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