First points for the Baby Princess!

  • Our "Baby" Princess (yes, that IS her name) went in the ring last weekend and we just received her win picture this past weekend!
    Baby showed at two specialties with my son (then just turned 9 and she was NOT yet trained) and then I showed her at a CA circuit last year, where she was baaaaaaaaaad and had fun.

    I am looking forward to starting her back up again… as long as I cann teach the STAY part of STAND STAY !!!

  • Will you be bringing her to Seattle?

  • She is WAY cute Kathy! What is her breeding?

  • Kathy, Princess is just beautiful!!!:D

  • She is sooooo cute!! 😃

  • pretty girl!

  • @bellabasenji:

    Kathy, Princess is just beautiful!!!:D

    Ah her name is BABY Princess.
    Imagine her surprise when the judge says to her onn the table what a cute baby
    Of course she must have bee thinking WHO is this lady and HOW does she know my name??
    I think the judge thought I was kiddig whe I was calling her Baby over and over!

    Baby is sired by MO, Khani's Causing A ComMOtion (our cover dog) and out of Sugar, Am Can CH Teazer Khani's Brown Sugar. Both are Fanconi-Clear.
    Baby's littermate, Joonas, aka Khani's Stairway to Heaven, was exported to Finland last year. Another littermate, HotRod, aka Khani's Dazed and Confused, also has two points.

    Baby is a DOLL. Everyone that comes over falls in love with her… she is a cousin to MANAH. We kept Manah's b/w sister, Amy (aka, Amy Dammit) Teazer Khani's All-American Girl.\

    Sorry Sharron, I hate the parking at Seattle show, so I did not enter.... sucked as I wanted to show to the Sat judge.

  • Congrats Kathy, pretty little girl! I thought I saw some "Sugar" in there. 🙂

  • She's a lovely girl, and remember she is a basenji so she will decide if its stand stay, (I am still trying with my boy).

  • Ahe is very pretty!!!!!!! I like her 🙂

  • Wow, she's beautiful! Can't wait to see more of these winning pics for her!

  • She's gorgeous, Kathy. I love her head, graceful neck, solid topline, tailset, angles, she's just lovely. She will finish very quickly, I am sure. 🙂

  • Thanks for the compliments.
    I have to say that the off-show side does NOT have a white neck…
    so I am looking at the plain side of her when she moves, etc.
    She looks much different on the show side, and I was elated when I saw the picture in the photogs camera .
    She is a stunning little girl [still at 15.5"] and I had a very hard time getting her to stand for the picture, as Randy/photog kept throwinng stuff…
    her front would have normally been UNDER her,
    she is a Princess after all!

  • Congratulations Kathy, she is lovely!!


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