• Sophie took her first point at the Shasta Kennel Club show on Friday June 15 under judge Roger Hartinger. Sophie was a naughty puppy but the judge kept giving her chances to redeem herself and finally his faith in her paid off and she acted like the nice leash trained puppy that she is for about 15 seconds and then went right back to be naughty. :p But 15 seconds was enough to win.:D

    Sister Rio took points Thursday, Saturday and Sunday while Sophie did her best to win Best Clown. I am very proud of both girls.

  • Congrats to both Sophie and Rio!!!!

  • Congratulations!! Those first points are SO MUCH FUN!!!

    I remember Jazzy's first points – they were won at her first show; she was about 6 mos old, I think. It was my very first dog show, and I was so surprised when she won. When the judge pointed to the winner I remember asking Laurie, "Is she pointing to Jazzy?" When she said yes, I got a few surprised glances from other more experienced B-folk when I yelled, "NO WAY!!!!". LOL, I was so embarrassed when I realized that the noise had come out of me; and Laurie explained to the others, "It's her first." LOL

    Again, Congrats to Sophie {and Rio}. Hopefully it's a short road from first point to finish!

  • Congratulations to both girls! How many points does that bring Rio to now?

  • Congratulations!! Great job!

  • Very good job Lisa! Aren't puppies fun to show??

  • @nomrbddgs:

    Very good job Lisa! Aren't puppies fun to show??

    Puppies are only "fun" to show if you have a judge that appreciates the "fun" the handler (not) is having showing a wild thing… 😃

  • Oh, Pat I think everyone should look like an idiot at least once in the ring!! I've found most judges (not all certainly) accomodate b/c they're puppies.

  • We showed to 4 judges this weekend and I can say two, husband and wife, really had a great sense of humor and were appreciative of the challenges of showing a puppy. They both made the experience enjoyable and I would gladly enter under them again. One of the judges didn't seem to be happy to be judging any of the basenjis and definately had no time for puppy antics. He was also the Puppy Group judge and didn't watch a single puppy smaller than the Harrier hound go around the ring. The last judge just kept moving Sophie's tail from side to side to see if he could find a place where it would curl right. She didn't really care but kept trying to wag it while he was trying to make it curl. His pace was brisk but I think we all got our time.

  • That would be the "delightful" (NOT)…. Robert Stein... On my list to NOT even walk across the street to show to him.... or his wife..... it is so obvious that he doesn't even like the breed....

  • Congrats to all - you should be proud!!

  • Here is Sophie's win photo.

  • Beautiful!!!

  • Whoo hooo! Very pretty girl!

  • She is gorgeous. Congrats again!

  • Thanks. I am amazed she was able to stand still long enough for the picture.

  • Congrats, she's beautiful, I just love the B/W's more and more. She is Half Af?

    I like Ringo, but I must admit, she is very nice…....Willy!!!!:D

  • Yes, Sophie is Half Af, her sire is Avongara Cole of Brushy Run JC. I am very proud of the whole litter and think they are all turning out really nice.

  • Sophie is really maturing beautifully. Fabulous pic, too.

  • So pretty! I love b/w.

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