• If there is one open dog, one bred by exhibitor bitch, one 12-18 month bitch, and one dog in the specials category, and the bred by exhibitor bitch wins breed, and the open dog wins opposite sex, does anybody get points? Who gets what?

    AND how the heck do you figure out these points anyway?


  • LOL.. points can be a "pain" to figure out when new to showing.. In the case you list the both the Bitch that went breed and the Dog that was Best of Opposite each got one point. The bitch would also have been Best of Winners. If the dog that was entered as a Special and had been awarded Best Opp, then the Winners dog would not have gotten any points, because he would not have beaten any other dogs.

    There is a pretty good explanation on this link http://www.akc.org/pdfs/rulebooks/RREGS3.pdf

    While I understand our point system… the point system in Europe is still a mystery to me..ggg

  • Is this in Pennsylvania? If so, here is the point schedule. Scroll down to 2008.

    The Open dog and the Bred-By bitch each get one point.

    The Bred-By bitch defeated both the 12-18 month bitch which ads up to 2 class bitches total. Two class bitches earns 1 point. But then she defeated the specials male for Breed. This adds one more to her defeats but it takes 4 to earn 2 points so it is still just one point for her.

    The Open dog defeated one of his gender by going Best Opposite Sex and thus he also earned a point.

  • LOL well Pat was just a wee bit faster typing than I was.

  • Actually the show was in Delaware. Wow, Thanks. I thought that if there was no one else in your category that you didn't win any points. I just tried reading all that stuff in the link Robyn sent and I'm still having some trouble here. So when the list says 2 dogs = 1 point you count your own dog? If two dogs are entered in open dog then the one that wins that category gets one point (depending on where you live)? I just figured that since my dog was the only open dog that he didn't get any points. (Can you tell that I haven't won a lot of points yet?)

  • Yes, you count your own dog…. But didn't you say that the open dog was Best of Opp? If there was a special entered, then you did beat that dog, so you did get a point.

    Example: If there were only one class dog and only one class bitch and there was one dog Special in the follow case, both the class dog and the class bitch would get a point.

    Bitch goes breed, beating the Dog Special and Winners dog (the class dog) = 1 point
    Class Dog goes Best of Opp Sex over the Dog Specialty, therefore beating the Special = 1 point

    In this example the Class dog gets a point, the class bitch does not in this case (again one class dog, one class bitch, one dog special

    Class dog goes breed over the Dog special and the class bitch = 1 point for the class dog
    Class Bitch is Best of Opp Sex, doesn't beat any other bitches since there were none entered = no points

  • Thanks!! Now I just have to work on remembering when I'm supposed to stay in the ring…..

  • @Kebasmom:

    Thanks!! Now I just have to work on remembering when I'm supposed to stay in the ring…..

    I hear you, been there, done that…. just remember if you go winners dog, you always have to go back in the ring for Breed competition... and just stay till they tell you to leave..gggg (done that too!)

  • And if you ever get a second place in your class hang around. You may have to go back in to compete for reserve Winners. It took me a while to remember that one when I first started showing.

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