• Jet the Tri-ing has done the exact same thing to me to get his spot on the sofa. Told me he wanted to go out, so I go to the back door, but when I get there, no Jet the Tri-ing. I look around and he's curled up on the sofa and says "Thanks mom, and could you grab me a beer on the way back?"

  • Zak will play Zuki often. They have identical doggy beds (cozy caves) but one of the beds (which we consider Zuki's) seems to be a favorite to both of them. So if Zak doesn't get the premo bed he will go to the door and scratch as if to say he wants to go outside. I'll get up and open the door and Zuki will get up to see what's going on outside at which time Zak will run and get in her bed. He's a real character. πŸ™‚

  • Jayden does what Danik does. If I am at the desk or at the kitchen table and he suspects that I might have something he'd like to have, he'll use a diversionary tactic. He'll make a suspicious noise in the living room or he'll bring something out of the laundry into the room where I am and stare at me with it until I notice. When I get up to retrieve the sock or investigate the noise, he'll run to my seat, get up, and see what he can grab in my absence. And like Shango, he has a preferred spot on the sofa. Unfortunately, it is also my husband's favorite spot. If Larry gets up to do anything, Jayden is in his spot and has his eyes closed…as if "You wouldn't disturb a comfy, sleeping basenji would you?"

    Sometimes in this basenji battle of the wits, they do seem to have the upper hand.


  • THESE stories are HILARIOUS!!

  • My Nyah is something esle! She some how got in the laundry basket to steal a sock. She took off running rapidly in the house as my husband is chasing her around the house. To see the expression on my dog's face was priceless!! To see my distressed husband chasing the dog with the sock in her mouth was hilarious. Of course, my husband got tired and sat on the couch. After the chase, Nyah did too and went to sleep.

  • @AndrewnShango:

    Shango has his favorite spot on the couch that he has sort of claimed as his own. So, as I was sitting there doing some work (in his spot of course), Shango comes into the room and looks at me. My work was spread out everywhere so I said hello to him, gave him a little pat on the head and continued working.

    This wasn't good enough. He left the room and then came back and just stared at me. I have him another pet and he again, left the room. This continued three more times until finally, I heard a terrible noise from in the hallway.

    I rush over and Shango is pushing his paws against the bathroom door, making a terrible scratching/screeching noise (oh, just for perspective: I sometimes forget he's a basenji because he is not destructive in the slightest!). So I run and check to see what the noise is, Shango immediately darts into the living room.

    I go back and there he is, Shango has reclaimed his spot on the couch. He scratched on the door because he knew I would get up and check. Clever, clever, basenji!

    Any similar stories?

    LOL very funny what a smart dog!

    Jason and Miranda

  • These stories are too funny..

    When I play with Tillo I often do it Basenji style πŸ˜ƒ He has a great toy and I will walk away with another toy and hide.. He will come look for me.. and you can see his doubt.. his toy… my toy... If he wants my toy I run of and steal his one πŸ˜ƒ I just love love love the look on his face πŸ˜ƒ This can go on and on and on.....

  • My first basenji did just what Danik did - serious destructive distraction to get me away from the table and my dinner. When I came back he had eaten half my lunch!

    With respect to the favorite couch spot - Gossy (and my last basenji EL D) simply will uses the head butt to get me off the spot.

  • Great story! πŸ™‚ Shango is a smart boy!

    Dallas does like Gossy does. He will just head butt me or basically lay on top of me. The second I get up to do anything, he will claim the spot for himself. :p

  • Ahhh yes, the timeless Basenji trick! Bella does the same things, she amazes me how smart she is. Scratching the door while we are eating dinner is her favorite. She then (of course) runs back past you in pure Basenji fashion to try and steal your food!!! Ya Gotta love these 'Senjis!:D:D:D

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