Greetings and Salutations from Virginia

  • Hello all,

    My fiance and I should be getting our Basenji from the breeder near the end of the month. This will be my first Basenji so any advice for a first timer would be greatly appreciated. I have wanted a Basenji for a long time but it just never worked out. This past Christmas we stumble on a breeder who just had two litters the week before and when we contacted her she had one pup left. Fate or good timing, our little pup should be here in time for spring.


  • How fun, who is your breeder? And there are lots of threads about new puppies on the forum you can seach for information

  • WAKAN Basenjis in King George, Virginia. I posted another thread looking for information or experiences with this breeder in the Breeder forum.


  • I posted a reply on your new thread

  • Congratulations! Lock up all your shoes and underwear, you are in for a wonderful wild ride.

  • Yes, you will be very busy and tired.

  • Ashleigh, I can't wait to see pictures of your new little one!!! Any ideas for names???:)

  • Hello & welcome to the group. You will find a ton of useful information here to help you with that new pup.


  • Welcome to the forums! Good to have another Virginian!

  • Welcome to the forum! 🙂

  • I guess you could say it is fate that we all have chosen Basenjis as our family pets. It is like having a child that never out grows the terrible 2's. Lots of patience,love and understanding goes a long way..along with pulling your hair out at times!! Have fun

  • Hello and welcome! (and I second all of the advice listed above…LOL)

  • Welcome and good luck with your new pup.

    Advice? Keep reading here, pray for patience and….."Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night! ..."

  • I am new to Virginia, but not B's. My 11 yr old girl is the love of my life. In training I used lots of tools trying to out smart her. The funniest one was the singing bass. She would go potty in my all white dining room. No matter how I tried I couldn't stop her. I was a stay at home Mom too. I finally set up a singing bass on the floor. I set it on motion detection. When she would go there it would start singing a startle her….She could not figure it out. She quit doing it immediatly and also alerted me...I still laugh to this good day! I also put her leash on my belt for at least 30 minutes a day. She would go where I went. So now no matter where I go in the house, there she is. Each month I was fortunate to go to new Basenji puppy parties. There she could run with about 20+ B puppy's. Even a small dog park would have worked. I took her everywhere with me. I took food from her. So she would know I was the pack leader. I ate first. I would move her when sleeping and gently put her back. I just can't say enough about pack rules. I know other dog owners thought I was nuts. 11 years later I still am having to remind her daily who the real boss is. She is very well behaved and NEVER off her leash. I learned early on, no matter what. She will take off like a rocket if something gets her attention. One time it was a blowing leaf. That inclination will always be a part of the breed. I recommend crate training. I didn't let her sleep with me for quite some time. I learned that short consistant commands are clearer. A shaker can made of aluminum with pennies in it was better than my voice. They will use a short sided box with cedar shavings in it instead of the inside floor. when little. Mine loves raw veggies in the afternoon, Once older. I have used dry food for a long time. She rolls over, shakes, down stay, stand, off, in your chair (for car rides). All for the love of a treat. She enjoyed lure coursing. She enjoyed being shown. She loves my best friends yorkies but no other small dogs. You'll have so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What great companions they make......Yea! and Good Luck from one who is still trying to outsmart her!

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