• Hi everyone,
    We are the proud new family of a 3 month old male brindle pup named Djawaad des Gardiens du Mirador. We call him Jenga. Thanks for all the great info and advice offered here. Jenga lives with us on our farm here in the French speaking region of Switzerland. Looking forward to meeting other Basenji lovers here on the net.
    Jenga and gang

  • Hi Jenga and family! Welcome to the forum!

  • Hello and welcome to the forum! We would love to see some pics of Jenga!

  • Bienvenue au forum!
    🙂 Il me fait plaisir de voir un autre Basenji en Suisse! J'habitais a Lausanne et a Etoy et jamais vu un autre Basenji.. Qui est eleveur de Jenga? J'aimerais bien voir les photos de votre loulou!

    I hope your new pup will bring you a lot of joy! And increase the knowledge of Basenjis in Switzerland, I know Lycia and I had such wonderful walks in the mountains - it's perfect Basenji territory. 😃

  • Merci. J'habite a St. L?gier. Notre ferme est juste au dessous Les Pl?aides et des forets sont notre jardin!

    We purchased him from a breeder here in St. L?gier, Centre Canin. He has most of his lineage from Houlme breeders in France. He sure is a character and we are so attached to him and he to us. We will start puppy classes soon with L'Amis du Chiens also here in St. L?gier and then I will do his training with Sandra Baer who has Top Dog in Puidoux. It is nice to meet another Basenji owner as I had discussed if there was a club or association here in the region and the breeder said no. They have 2 litters to sell this year and I belive Basenjis are a new line of dog for them but they were professional seemed to know a lot. There is an International competition here in May which we may participate in as they would like him representated there. I've never shown a dog and don't know if that is an avenue I am interested in at all but it might be a fun experience for us and him. Perhaps meet some other people who live with Basenjis also. I will try to get some photos of him on here shortly. I do guided horse rides and am in the saddle almost everyday. I am hoping he will be a perfect companion for me as it will certainly keep us both busy. I sure hope he will have the smarts to learn about horses. He is already such a charmer and both trips to the Coop (market) were fun as he met lots of new people. Everyone asks about him so we will do our best to introduce him. I love that we can take our dogs everywhere here in Switzerland! Even to the restaurants! Are you still in Suisse?

  • Be careful with him around horses. Basenjis don't always seem to understand that horses can be dangerous, and until they learn, it is easy for them to get stepped on or kicked. I used to take my first Basenji with me when I rode, but she learned early about horses…...she got between a mare and her foal in the field and the mare charged her, fortunately the dog was not injured, but she sure learned respect.....so she was careful around them. My current boy is not, so I have to look out for him when he is out and about with me. He has no clue the horses could hurt him! Fortunately mine are usually careful of him, and I try to keep him away if they are revved up and running....

  • Welcome to you and your special basenji Jenga! Sigh….. thinking about the area you live in AND the job you have makes me drool as I used to do a lot of riding in the mountains in our area. As everyone wants to see pictures of Jenga, I won't ask... 😉 Even if you do not ultimately get involved in showing, you might make some great basenji friends by attending some shows. A member on the forum, Janneke, who is from The Netherlands recently posted some great photos of a nice big basenji walk day. Basenjis just really 'get' each other.

    Looking forward to hearing more stories about your life with Jenga.

  • Thank you for the welcome. Also, for the advice. He seems to be okay around the horses for the moment. One of the mares gave him a bit of a stink eye and he moved out of the area quite quickly all on his own. He loved the trimmings of the hooves left by the farrier 🙂
    I did post a few photos that our daughter took on the Show Off section.

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