• I hope this dog can be reunited with its owner soon…do you have any idea if the dog is microchipped? That could be one way to locate the owner.

  • I so hope this b finds her owners.
    Thank you for taking her in.

  • What about this posting? http://www.basenjiforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=66
    I don't know if this dog is a black/white, but it's a dog lost in California.

    Edit - read further, its a red/white. I hope this one finds it's owner.
    kimplater - thank you for doing what you can to find it's owner.

  • kimplater,

    thank you very much for posting this !! we appreciate your heart to take in a lost Basenji. Have you posted her to dogdetective.com and Craigslist?? If you would prefer not to yourself, one of us would be happy to make her a profile. The Basenji community is pretty small, and since you are in SoCAL perhaps your found Basenji's owner called Karen at Medfly ? You could ring her just to let her know if she heard something.

    I hope you are able to find this little girl's mum! Thanks again for your generosity.

  • Thank you for all your messages regarding the Besenji I found. Please feel free to post the information to any of your organizations. I can be reached at kimplater@aol.com if anyone locates her owner. I live in southern California, Pomona (Phillips Ranch neighborhood).

    I have already totally spoiled her. She sleeps on the bed at night, goes for several walks a day and actually gets along very well with my Boxer/Pit Bull mix (another found dog - several years ago). She appears to be house broken and a very loving (but seems lonely) dog.

    I took her to the vet to check for a chip but he said there was not one. She seems as though someone took very good care of her.

    Thanks for anything you all can do!


  • Did you have her checked for a microchip?

  • Hit submit too quick on the last message and still can not edit any post I make.

    I meant to ask if when you had her checked for a chip did they check her entire body as the chips can migrate and are not always right between the shoulders.

  • Yes, she has been checked all over for a chip.

  • I think contacting Karen Jones would be a good idea too. Also, you could call around to the different vets in the area, it's not likely they have many basenjis coming in.

    Aside from LVoss's mom, I haven't seen many B&W's down here. I'll e-mail a local breeder the info just in case anyone has heard anything.

    I'm glad you took her in and hope you find her owners soon.

  • Yes, call Karon I'm sure she might have an opinion.

    I went ahead and got your Basenji female (does she have a temporary name yet??) a page on Dog Detective and Craigslist. Is there any way we could get a picture of this little lady?

    Thanks a bunch again..

  • Hello I just read your post and let me tell you just a couple of days ago I saw an ad on Craigslist. A woman lost her female black and white basenji aswell as her terrier mix. Her two dogs escaped from an open side gate in the city of La Puente (LA). No Tags. I dont know if the basenji you found is hers but who knows maybe.
    here is her E-mail from Craigs Jannele@gmail.com

  • Hi,

    I got your e-mail regarding the Basenji that I found possibly being the one lost in La Puente. The dog I found was found in mid January but just to be sure I checked the photo posted on Craig's list and the one I found has different markings and is fairly young. Thank you for keeping me posted.


  • Thank you for taking this dog in.

  • Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for you message regarding me finding the Basenji. She is now a vital part of our family. She has a big brother Max, rescue pit/boxer mix with one ear, and young sister Sara, a pregnant pit we found in the middle of the street. Nine weeks ago Sara gave birth to 8 puppies who we have found homes for! My Basenji is named Belle Fontaine Whatley (Bella for short) and she sleeps under the covers with me every night. She is a great dog and a very good "tattle tale" when the other two get into things! Kim

  • I am delighted you current dogs like her…sounds like you have a houseful.
    She was lucky to have found you...gee, I can't help but wonder where she came from?

  • I would like to think that if I ever lost a basenji, it would wind up with such a kind person who would love it and spoil it and give it a home. I'm sure an owner somewhere was very sad, but you made every effort to find them and have provided the dog with love and a great home. Kudos to you!

  • I agree with Macpack…you sound like a loving home.
    Any idea if she has been fixed?

  • That's a wonderful follow up, but we do need pics.

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