Charlie (questions for Basenji owners!)

  • Hey, I'm new to this forum.. How neat is this? Anyway just saying hello. I have a 4 year old Basenji named Juma Charles (we call him Charlie) My husband, myself and my two year old son adore him. I'm attaching of pic. But I have a quick question.. should we get a female Basenji to provide companionship to Charlie? He is home alone for 4-6 hours a day. He has lots of windows to scout and a cozy bed. He also gets 2 walks a day. The second being a veeeeery long walk. I just sometimes think he gets lonely though. Also he is not allowed on the furniture except for one small couch in the sun room and a big chair. Recently, he jumped on a couch that he KNOWS he is not allowed on and peed on it! What the heck? He wasn't mad at us that I know of and nothing new is happening in the house and we were home when he did it. Also, he has peed on the rug a few times in the last two weeks. What could this indicate? Thanks!

  • Welcome! Our boy Mick only pees when he is extremely displeased with us. For example, just today my DH pulled the crate out because he was leaving. He took Mick out to go pee, nothing. About 15 minutes later he takes him out again, nothing. So and as soon as he put Mick in the crate he peed all over. He was letting my DH know that he did not want him to leave or he didn't want to go in the crate.

    If there's nothing bothering Charlie you might want to check to make sure he doesn't have a urine infection or something like that. Others I'm sure will have ideas.

    Love the pic. He's adorable.

  • Our girl does what my husband and me call as the "angry pee":p
    When she doesn't get her walk, her way, or we shut her out of a room that we are in. She will just take a pee right in front of that closed door.
    She was peeing on our carpet in our guest room. The cat had peed in there so from then on she has been trying to cover his sent with her's.
    So maybe that couch smelled different and he wanted to make it his again.:D

  • Lexi's only "angry pee'd" once– and it was absolutely, without a doubt DELIBERATE.
    My boyfriend at the time took her out to go to the bathroom. (She didn't like him, I think she knew something!) Anyway, he came back in and started doing laundry. He brought a big, hot basket of clean clothes upstairs and poured them on the bed and started folding. Lexi jumps up on the bed, gets to the top of the pile, looks right at him and starts peeing!! OMG. Your dog might be trying to send a message.

  • Should always make sure if there are accidents that there is not a bladder infection/UTI going on….

    And as they say, two Basenjis are always better then one...gggg

  • My B must have been very displeased with me on Sunday. He had 3, yes 3, "Angry" pees inside. He never has accidents and he can go 8-10 hrs easily with no problem. I gave him a lot more attention the next couple days and he has been ok. I honestly believe they use that as a method to display their anger. Maybe he wants to spend more time with you while you're at home? I know that was my problem. Didn't help I was busy all day Sunday and didn't pay much attention to my little boy. Oh how they can control our lives. 🙂

  • I agree that medical testing should be done if this continues…
    I am wondering how long the walks are a day?
    Where did you b' come from? If I can ask.
    Many of us find we are related by basenjis, when we start to talk about where we got them.

  • Welcome! Very pretty boy! I have no additional input on the peeing, but I will say, 2 basenjis are definitely better than 1! I don't think you'll find many on here who disagree.

  • Welcome to our pack! I agree about the concern should it continue. But "angry peeing" is not uncommon. Nice looking beastie!

  • Welcome to the forums and good luck with resolving the pee-ing problem… Charlie is adorable and (other than his current "P-problem") sounds incredibly well behaved for a Basenji!

  • Welcome to the pack! Your boy is a handsome one 🙂

    Dallas is good about not peeing in the house when he's angry. If anything, he'll just get a little bit snarky.

    However, he does have this thing where if he is in the car alone, he will pee. I have gotten out of my car to the point where he could continue to watch me. Heh. I watched him too. I watched him look right at me, walk over to the passenger seat & pee…A LOT. It's like the floodgates opened up. Oh & did I mention this was after he had just gone pee before I put him in the car. I was only going back to the front door to lock it!!! :mad: Oh and I can say, this little revenge of his was EXTREMELY difficult to handle when I was driving from Florida to Maryland by myself!!!! I think I only went pee myself once or twice because I knew as soon as I ran inside, I'd come back to find he had peed in his crate.

  • Congo has only done the angry pee once. We wouldn't let him up on the couch because we didn't have a cover so I put his bed next to the couch. Anyway, he went over to his bed, made sure we were looking at him and then peed all over his bed.

  • Hello & welcome. Good looking b. Like the gum commercial - double the pleasure, double the fun!! Not sure what to say about the p-ing issue but I agree with other replies to ahve him checked should it continue.


  • Hey, thanks everyone! I think it might have been an "angry" pee now that I think about it… My husband was out of town so I was only able to take him on one walk rather than two ( I have a toddler and it's freezing outside! ) So he might have been upset. To answer one of your questions he gets a 10 to 15 minute walk in the morning and a 20 -25 minute walk at night. He pulls the ENTIRE time but then lies on the floor exausted when it's all over.. ha! 🙂

  • My pup does the angry pee thing too. She's done it several times when she's very displeased. The last time it happened I was visiting my sister. Her roommate has a lab that Shelby, of course, fell in love with. We left for a few hours and had to crate Shelbs. The other dog got to roam free. I came home to her comfy mat (in her kennel) shredded up and peed on. She pooped thread the next day. She was super p.o.ed!!
    Why are so many Bs SOOO alike?? I feel like when I read about the Bs on this forum, I'm basically reading a story on my own!!

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