Our Baby Boy!! *PICS*

Went to visit my litter yesterday and found out who we are getting so we are SO excited to present:

C-Quest's I Play for Keeps

^ Showing us what is to come!! Look at that FACE!! hehehee

^ See my Collar Markings? Cute huh!!

^Getting Kisses from My B Mom!

^Being Adorable comes easy!!

^Awwww Mommy's Favorite! (my Human Mommy!)

More to come!! We get to pick him up in a couple weeks and we CANT wait!!! Thank you ALL for the Name Ideas, We LOVE it! yeay yeay yeay!! (I'm obviously ecstatic!!)

Congrats on Maverick! What a beautiful boy!!! :p

Very cute! How exciting!!!

Super cute. Bet it was tough to leave him there…

Maverick sure is a cute little guy!!!

wooooow. congrats on your new baby 🙂

Congrats with Maverick!!!

His marking is too cute!!!!!

Thank You!! Start the Countdown: Jan. 24th 1:30pm!!

Only 22 Days to go…

Congratulations Kira! Can't wait to see pictures of Maverick and Aiden together.

Basenji Mix


Thank You!! Start the Countdown: Jan. 24th 1:30pm!!

Only 20 Days to go…

🙂 I'm so happy and excited for you too. Mav' is going to have lots of fun with his new family. 🙂

Soooooooooooo CUTE!! Congrats! He's lovely and the name is great! Can't wait to see all the pics of him growing up… 🙂

Thanks Again!! I am Also making a Basenji Play Date Group locally here in Groton, CT Thru Meetup.com. The Link is : http://www.meetup.com/The-Groton-Basenji-Meetup-Group/

I hope Maverick and Aiden can make some new friends and Romp around together!! Pictures to COME!!!

I am so very happy for you, this boy is so sweet, love,love that face. Don't you just want to squeeze him, I can't wait until I get another puppy. I am hoping on one next December. Can't wait until pick up pictures!

Congrats! Maverick is adorable!!!!

He?s absolutely adorable you must be thrilled to bit?s over your little boy C?Quest have nice dog?s a friend of mine used a C?Quest Boy couple a years a ago and got a really nice litter out of him.

Congrats. I still remember how excited I was when I got my first B. Your's is one adorable pup. Hope to see more pics


Congrats Kira, I'm sure he is lovely! Please send lots of updates for those of us who like to drool. 🙂 Love the name too!

Congrats - glad you found a nice puppy from a great breeder - and close to you too!

Can't wait to hear the adventures.

Congratulations!!! What a cute puppy and what a precious little face. An enthusiastic welcome to little Maverick.


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