• This afternoon we finally sent the old man over the Bridge. For about the past week or so he has been having what looked like psychomotor seizures. He has had gran mal seizures since he was 6 weeks old - a vaccine reaction we believe, but these were different. He would appear to be his usual self and then suddenly start holding up his right front leg and screaming. This would go on for 5 - 30 minutes. He would snap, pull his hair out and generally appear totally panicky. When we finally could get him calmed down, it was like nothing ever was wrong. For the past 2 days, he seemed much worse, so we took him in today. The vet had him on the exam table and manipulated every limb every which way - he didn't even flinch. Then we took him outside so she could see him walk. He tilted into a sprinkler pipe, VERY gently and suddenly began to scream, snap and thrash. Both vets agreed with us that he was in incredible pain. We could not calm him.

    Dino would have been 15 years old next month. He was almost completely blind and heard only certain tones and pitches. He has been on doggie Alzheimer meds for the past year as he kept getting lost in the back yard and the family room. It was time, we know, but we will miss him so much. He was our first Basenji.

    Good bye, big guy. Wait for us at the Bridge. We love you.
    Dune's Velvet Illusion, SC 12/16/91 - 11/08/06

  • I can't imagine how hard it was to make the decision to let him go, even though he was in such pain. You did the right thing, and making that decision shows just how much you loved him. Sahara is my first Basenji and I hope she will live as long as possible, we just love her so much. She is 10 mos. and already attached like crazy, you guys must have been really attached. You were blessed to have such a loving pet in your life.

  • I am so - so sorry Terry. This sad news has also touched me. Tears are flowing. Your words are deep with love for Dino. Saying good-bye is painful and know you and he were blessed with 15 years together. My sincere sympathy for your loss.

  • I am so sorry, Terry. Best wishes that your heart will heal in time.

  • Terry.. im sorry for your loss i know how hard it is to say goodbye.. I sit with tears in my eyes thinking back to the day i had to let my best friend of 16 years go… just cherish all the good times... keep the memories in your heart.. time heals... sincere sympathy for your loss.

    Moore Ok

  • I'm so sorry for your loss, Terry. You have my deepest sympathies. Jill and the others said it best, but please know that I will keep you & your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  • So sorry to here this Terry. Just remember all the good times you gave Dino. 15 is quite a life. You did the right thing and took the pain for him so he wouldn't have to feel it any more. I think its much harder as caregivers when we have to make the decision. You gave him peace and I'm sure if he could tell you, that's all he wanted. I went through this earlier this year with my 14 year old. She too was exhibiting signs of doggie Alzheimers and had gone deaf. I wanted to make her young again, but knew that couldn't be. I could tell when she had given up. I had a great deal of trouble moving on, but now know it was the best thing for her. I sure miss her and am sure she's hanging out with Dino about now. I believe we'll all see them again one day.

  • I am very sorry to hear of your loss. Tears are in my eyes as I type this. Losing a beloved furbaby is one of the hardest things I have EVER experienced. Bless you.

  • my prayers and sympathies are with you. My Damian went through similar symptoms before he passed.

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