• What does everyone think of Canidae's Snap Bits for the clicker training I am going to do with my puppy- I don't know if it makes a difference but I will be feeding Natures Variety for food… I am open to suggestions if there is a better or more useful training treat out there, thanks for any advice😕

  • You want to use really, really small treats… tiny... ggg... or you could wind up with a "larger" then required Basenji if really food motivated...gggg

    I use string cheese cut into tiny, tiny pieces or Dick Van Patton Natural Balance food rolls again cut into tiny pieces


  • Thanks Tanza- I have been trying to find a "tiny sized" training treat but I am having a hard time finding one that is small enough and of good quality- I like your idea's

  • @Chealsie508:

    Thanks Tanza- I have been trying to find a "tiny sized" training treat but I am having a hard time finding one that is small enough and of good quality- I like your idea's

    Yes, you will never find them small enough…ggg, especially for the amount of them you will use, easier to just cut them up yourself. You can cut a bunch up at on time and then just save them in a container in the Frig

  • Merrick makes some pretty good food rolls. I usually use human meatballs. I nuke it and mix it up with some regular kibble so the kibble soaks up the meatball grease. Dogs say it's Yummers. Also Evo makes treats that aren't small, but they break up easy, so the pups usually get 1/4 of an Evo cookie for doing good things. And if your dog is always starving (like Zest!), heck, regular old kibble works pretty good. Or Cheerio's with meatballs. Or sweet potato french fies (oven baked). Or home made waffles (w/o syrup of course).

  • Agilebasenji- Wow!!! I think I am going to have you come cook for my basenji- that all sounds amazing…I am going to have to step it up before I get called a bad mommy when my B puppy sees what you feed...lol:D

  • I've started using "tuna/salmon fudge" for treats. It's basically some flour, a couple cans of tuna (and or salmon), eggs…you mix it up, spread it out and bake it. Then you can cut it up with a knife or scissors into tiny tiny pieces. You can freeze it too. I can find the recipe if anyone's interested.

  • Nemo- I'd be interested in the recipe… I have started keeping track of all the recipes I come across so I can make and freeze some great treats and surprises for the puppy... come to think of it, I have more recipes for my basenji than I do for myself....I have to laugh at myself- my puppy isn't here yet and I already seemed to be trained by him.lol!

  • Lisa Marshall passed this on to our basenji club. I didn't have grated parmesan cheese. I did add some kelp though. 😉 For some reason it partially stuck to the pan when I made it last time, so I'm going to use lightly greased aluminum foil to make it easier to remove and freeze. It kept a while in the refrigerator too.

    Tuna/Salmon Fudge Dog Treats

    2-6oz. cans tuna or 1? 14 oz. can of salmon-do not drain
    1 1/2 cups flour
    2 Eggs
    1 Tablespoon garlic?powdered or minced (optional)
    Grated Parmesan cheese (optional)

    Process fish, garlic and eggs in food processor or blender (or mix in a bowl). Add flour and mix to a brownie-like consistency. Spread into a 11 x 13-inch greased pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes: when the fudge is done, it will have a putty-like texture and the edges will pull away from the sides of the pan. Cut into squares and freeze.

    This recipe came from NEAT (New England Agility Team) mailing list, courtesy of Sharon Puline and her Keeshond test kitchen.

  • First Basenji's

    Nemo, that looks like a great recipe! I'm looking forward to trying it. I will probably substitute sweet potato flour.

    We've never tried Canidae Snap Bits, but my dogs respond really well to Zuke's Mini Naturals. The salmon ones are especially smelly, which means tasty in their mind.

  • Yes, they are smelly which I think is obviously the allure of them. 🙂 Salmon is a bit much sometimes but I did half tuna/half salmon last time and that smelled mostly like tuna which isn't too bad. I haven't tried other flours yet. I use Charlee Bears a lot too and they are wheat based.

  • Zukes is a great product as is Solid Gold's Tiny Tots, but I find it a little pricey compared to chicken or some other human food. And Chealsie, at the risk of knocking myself off the pedestal you put me on, the meatballs are in the frozen food section of your local grocery, as are the sweet pot fries (although they are harder to find, but lately I get them at Costco in bulk). But I do make muttloaf for my kids. 😉

    I dont like the preservatives/salt/nitrates in hotdogs, but many people use them for training. If you mix them with kibble or cheerio's, they might be a little healthier.

    OH! and for really, really super-duper treats - try liverwurst. (ick says my food palate, but the dogs love it.) I slice it and freeze it into small containers (either used cream cheese containers or those small Gladware containers) and let them lick it. This is great for, say, recall training. Really high value treats and frozen they can lick it for a while and still not consume a lot of calories.

  • I am still keeping you on the pedestal (lol)….anyone who makes their basenji food,snacks or treats and puts in the work,time and consideration deserves a pedestal!!! I like everyone's ideas- I am hoping to keep an expansive variety of treats to keep him interested and after reviewing some old threads think that I will rotate/mix food (orijen and instinct)(which I never thought of doing) and even substituting raw (if I can understand all the do's and dont's) ......I am excited at all these ideas and recipes and options I have for feeding....beats the heck out of feeding your dog whatever is cheapest at the grocery store that week!

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