Kitchen remodel!

I have been remodeling my kitchen for the past couple months and finally finished getting the cabinets in yesterday… just wanted to post some pics! It was a big job! Way bigger than I thought it was going to be when I first started, but then it was too late! We ripped out all the old cabinets and two layers of flooring, changed all the plumbing and electrical, added a sliding door out to the back deck/yard, and closed of an existing door. I still need countertops, a sink and to put the hardware on the cabinets and trim on the walls but its almost there!


Wow, it looks amazing! A job well done!!

Basenji Mix

Wow! Great job - the color and design is beautiful!

Wonderful kitchen! Those projects are always bigger than we expect. Great job!

Great job….

Gorgeous!!!! The sliding doors really open that space up. Nice job, very beautiful. Can't wait to see it complete.

You also have the fridge that I want, I love the freezer on the bottom fridges.

Thanks for the topic. Beautiful job!! I envy you. I have a few questions if you don't mind. Our kitchen is the next room to be remodeled and we are also do-it-yourselfers.

Thanks everyone for the compliments! It is/was a tough job but satisfying now that its over and that we did it ourselves…

snorky - sure! ask away!

and you will be coming to my house to do same - when???????

You did a real great job there.
Choosing blue for a kitchen is quite clever. Did you know that a) blue or turquoise keeps you away from eating attacks and b) that the Bauhaus community (a bunch of designers in early 19 hundred) found out, that this colours keeps flies away? I wonder if you would keep an eye on these two issues and let us know, if it is true or not so true…


Amazing job! I wanted to comment that Blaze also found the insulation to nap in… no matter where we hid it...


I like the result very much!!!

We need a new kitchen also… want to help???? 😃

If it means I can vacation in the Netherlands, sure! 🙂

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