• Im having Sandie spayed monday and im a lil concerned … she is so active im afraid she will hurt herself afterwards... has any one had any bad things happen after such a surgery ? My cats i have had fixed with no problems but this is my first time with a dog...

  • my dog is a boy, so he was neutered, a much less invasive surgery than a spay, however, some things that helped keep him quiet were new chew things such as stuffed hooves, bully sticks, big knuckle bones, etc… he was much more interested in laying quietly and chewing his new treats instead of romping around. also, I was advised to take him out on leash when he went out to go the bathroom, to keep him from running around the yard until he was healed up.

    My vet normally keeps all dogs overnight for observation - for spays and neuters. I was a bit shocked when they called me that same evening saying "come get your dog - he's cleared to go home, and making a royal rukus!" I could hear Tucker SCREAMING in the background... the vet's office wasn't used to the basenji noises! hee hee.. tucker was just protesting being in the kennel they had him in, and was missing us. so I went to get him, and he was fine.

    don't worry, I'm sure everything will be fine. As long as you have faith in your vet, sandie is comfortable with the vet staff, and you keep her quiet when she comes home, everything should go just fine. It's nervewracking, but it's for the best. so, think positive thoughts, and spoil sandie a little bit more than normal when she comes home.

    good luck! let us know how she does.

  • Nala was fine with hers, she also had her umbilical hernia fixed at the same time. No complications. I'm sure she'll be fine! I'll be thinking good thoughts for a speedy recovery, no complications and as little stress as possible for you!

  • Abbey also had her umbilical hernia fixed when she was spayed. She was really sore for a while, and that in itself kept her from being too active. Her only problem was getting off the sofa once she got up there. It hurts to jump off the sofa with stitches in your tummy!

  • Sandie doesnt have no hernia so maybe just doing the one thing she wont be as sore… I have to have her there by 10 am and she comes home same day after 4pm... If all is well with her... I think ill buy alot of chewies... wash up all her fav blankets and pillows make her a nest in her crate and take her out side on leash... good ideas ... thanks

  • Hi everyone I just got my Topaz spayed yesterday & it's just been awful. She is so not herself. The vet said it was a good thing we did it soon because she was developing a uteran infection. She's irritable & sensitive. And she is just being so mean with my boy C3PO. She walks around like a zombie with no desire to chew or eat or jump on ANYTHING. This is really out of character for her. I'm hoping this is just the recovery period & that eventually she'll be back to her old self. She gets her stitches out in 10 days..its going to be a very long week for us.

  • Sandie had her (spay) surgery today… shes been home for bout 4 hours now.. she does'nt seem to be as disorinated as she was a few hours ago... I can tell she is uncomfortable as she keeps getting up and moving... she has'nt really eaten i brought her a few bites of banana she ate it and so far has'nt thrown it back up... she goes back in 10 days to have stitches out...
    They evidently decided to give her a manicure which upsets me, i noticed one was cut a little short and theres jagged edges, and they are all differnt lengths, which ill have to try and ignore till she feels better... think tomarrow ill call and complain about this.

  • Sunny,

    Glad that Sandie is okay. When I had Zahra spayed she was a little out of it the first day but was up and active the next day. She wasn't 100% for a few days but she was recovering better than I had expected.

    Hope she has a quick recovery.


  • I'm glad she's okay, please keep us posted on how she progresses, best of luck for a speedy recovery!!

  • Oh Sunny so glad Sandie is feeling better. We've had a terrible time with Topaz. She didn't eat for a couple of days & we had to take her back & she was put on diet food to get her appetite back. It was all wet food so I'm hoping at some point she'll be able to eat her kibble again. Her attitude is also pretty weird. She didn't want C3PO around her at all now she's better about that but she wants him nowhere near her food (odd?) she loved sharing her food with him.

    Topaz gets her stitches out on Saturday & I hope it's not as traumatic as it's been the last few days.

  • Sandies doin much better after a rather restless night of sleep… we had her in bed with us... earlie this morning we let her out to potty and she went to her crate so we left her there... Shes hungry this morning, I bought a few small cans of puppy soft, so i give her half the can and bout 15 kibbles, she seems to be somewhat satisfied with that. Just dont want her throwing up.
    I notice when she goes out to pee, she pees several times... Is this normal you think ?

  • Day 2 Sandie is more herself today eating and wanting to play and jumping onto the sofa… Its good to have her back... easier for me to go to work knowing she isnt feeling bad... My husband works from home so he is here with her, so she isnt actully alone...Im still upset bout them trimming her nails.. maybe tomarrow ill get the nail file out and try and smooth out the jagged edges .... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!

  • I'm so glad she's doing well!

  • so glad she's back to her old self. Is she eating her normal foods?? Post surgery Topaz refuses to eat her kibble & will now ONLY eat wet food. Weird?!

  • Day 3 Sandie is acting as if nothing ever happend jumping around wanting to play, eating all the same things… wish i could get her to lay still more...tonight shes like over active... I think its the cooler weather we are having, it seems to make her go into hyper active...

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