• Hi everyone 🙂 just wanted to know if this thread even goes through -I posted to a reply and it failed too
    But I just got my girl spayed 5 days ago (April 20th)and would like to know if everything is healing well 😉 -got told to go back on the
    30th-10 days later to get stitches removed /here is a picture of her sutures 🙂 -also until today she was being carried down the stairs and couch ,now it's just the stairs as she seems to have no issues getting on and off the couch

  • Looks fine. I had my girl done 3 months ago and looks similar to her incision line. She recovered well and has had no problems since.

  • Looks good to me… at least from the pictures... and she should be fine to do stairs

  • 🙂 thanks , for replies , 🙂 she's great now playing and all 🙂 3 more days and stitches are out 🙂

  • I was lucky with Teshi. No stitches to remove, all were internal. She went back to vets after 10 days for a check and was given the all clear.

  • 🙂 thanks everyone for the replies , 😉 she's no longer wearing the cone and back to the vet on Wednesday to get her stitches out
    Now we can have some real fun at the dog parks 🙂

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