• My B (almost 8 months) got spayed last week. Her recovery has been fine except for what the vet calls an accumulation of fluid near her incision. She told me to put a warm compress on her (I use a "magic bag") twice a day, and I am sure B owners know how hard it is to get a B to sit still for more than 10 minutes lol. So I have been doing so when she naps, and it hasn't really gone down. It's been 3 days since they told me to do that and they said call back on Friday if it doesn't change (I called them today to say it was still there). They said they could drain it but that it could cause more complications. Anyone seen this before or have any suggestions on how to make the fluid reabsorbe faster? It's not seeping out the incision.

  • I have never had one get an accumulation of fluids and I have had a number of bitches spayed…... What does it look like? is it large? small? I think I might be concerned with a pocket of fluids that was trapped...

  • Did the vet see the swelling or just give the recomendation over the phone?

    Rally just came home from her spay surgery and her post op care sheet says:
    "Check the incision daily. A firm swelling at the incision site is normal. However, you should call us if redness around the swelling occurs, if the swelling feels soft, or if you notice any oozing from the incision."

  • I have never seen "liquid" under the skin…seems to me something is wrong..
    I would take her back and have the vet check her out.
    Could she have broken some of the internal stitches?

  • I brought her to the vet on Monday and that's when she said to put a hot compress on the site. The incision looks normal and healing very well. No redness at all. The swelling is probably like the size of an almond. I noticed it because she's always had a very lean and flat tummy (don't we all wish we could be like that lol). I thought it was unhealthy too to have fluid accumulate under the skin, but the vet said it happens. I will keep an eye on it, and they said to call them on Friday with an update. Hopefully it will go away soon. In the mean time she really likes snuggling up with the heat pad.

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