• @sharronhurlbut:

    My girl was fine after a few days. I took home pain meds for her, and that helped keep her quiet.

    With our vet, blood tests are done before neutering or spaying. Then about 3 days later Dr. Gemeinhardt receives the dog or bitch in the morning. Isofluorane is used. Cone collars are sent home already in place on the dog/bitch. And pain meds are freely used as per the clinics policy not to ever have an animal in pain after a surgery. I like that a lot. It's not fair to let animals suffer.

  • One comment about "pain"…. While I agree that pain meds are needed, I disagree that they should be used freely...ggg And "little" pain reminds the pet that they need to slow down and take it easy.... the tweak of discomfort is usually enough for that reminder.

    I always request full blood work before any type of surgery. And I have blood work done on my yr olds as a base line and then at least every two years up to the elder years that then changes to every year. I think that blood work is so very important before any surgery or procedure.

    LOL about Cone Collars.... I always tell the clinic to "keep"... if I need one, I make my own. If you seach the threads you can see what others have used instead of the Cone Collars

  • @Rivermoon:

    Zuni was spayed this year and had her umbilical hernia fixed at the same time. My vet wants you to keep them quiet for 21 days!!! Yeah, right! Zuni was running around the second day! I did try to stop her from too much rough housing with the other dogs but that was about it.
    She DID try to get at her stitches though. I hate the e-collars they send home from the vet, so I have the blow up ones that look like a blue inner tube. That slowed her down a little….but not much!

    The inner tubes make a great neck pillow. I had to get one yesterday. 😃


  • Cricket is booked in for the 18th. I will drop her off, she is to get blood work done as well, and they will keep her overnight. I am off Friday, me and Husband are off all weekend, and Husband took Monday off. (He's so worried about his little girl)

    …and now we are wondering if she's become a lady... She's 8 months old today and has been licking her 'lady parts' for the past three days. I haven't seen blood, but Husband thought he did. She has actually licked a wet spot on our bed, we thought she peed, but it didn't smell and wasn't coloured. Her 'parts' are also swollen, but there doesn't appear to be any irritant.

    Can we still go ahead with the spay date?
    and I'm assuming, if she is in heat, she will have to be on house arrest when we go out to the farm this weekend, as there are two unfixed males and one pregnant female that are the working dogs.

  • No, if she is in season they will want to wait till it is over…. 30 days at least. And yes, total house arrest!

    And just a question why are they keeping her overnight? Do they have overnight staff?

  • Sounds like she is coming in season, so you will likely have to change the date. And I also wonder why an overnight stay. Both my girls came home the same day. Unless they have staff there at all times, she is better off at home if you are there to keep an eye on her. Mine always slept with me, so I never bothered with an Elizabethan collar…...I am a light sleeper and would wake if they started licking themselves.

    (the overnight stay thing seems to be getting more common......they even wanted to keep my boy in when we had him done! I said "no way" and took him home. It's a money grab IMHO, as most clinics don't even staff the place overnight)

    Oh, and count me among those who don't believe in pain meds. I never bothered with anything once they left the vet's and it was never any problem. Pain is a very good signal that "you shouldn't do that".

  • I agree, unless there is 24 hour staff, bring her home with you. Assure them that she will be kept calm and watched. If they argue, ask who will be watching her at 2 am at their clinic if there is a problem.

  • Check with Bob… but these girls have been notorious at coming in heat at 8 months of age.
    Since you just have Cricket, she could easily be keeping herself super duper clean... and NO visiting boy dogs for her!

  • My Vet went ahead with the spaying yesterday, even though she was in heat. And I got to take her home the same day, because there is no one there from 7pm to 7:30am. I asked her if that struck her as odd. Charging someone for an overnight stay, when there's no one there. You'd think that if you are keeping the animal for observation, they would be observed. She said it was to ensure a calm environment away from children. I said great, I have that environment and I'll pick her up at 5! no argument.
    Cricket was not a happy camper. They told me I should go back and get her. Her cage had a red caution tag on it and she had a small chain attached to her collar, plus the cone on. She greeted me and Husband, then pulled us down the hall. The receptionist had to catch up to us in the parking lot to hand us our invoice!
    She dozed on the way home, then snuggled for our movie time. But last night, she barely slept. She did not like sleeping in the kennel, and we didn't like the cone scraping our legs. The cone has now been replaced by the tape wrapped towel idea… in pink... and she is much happier.
    So I worried for nothing. She's managing the pain well and not overly excitable. I did not get any pain meds, but I don't think she needs any.
    Thanks everyone for answering my questions.

  • She should heal up quickly and be a great companion to you.

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