• My nearly 18 month old boy, Saba, has, over the last week, developed a rash under his belly, on either side of his penis. It is a very angry red rash, with a little bit of weeping as well :mad: . I thought it might have been caused by the adult dog food we had just started him on, which does contain colourings and preservatives. I stopped feeding him that, put him back on the puppy food he had been having, (with no problems at all), and the rash appeared to shrink, stopped weeping, and didnt look as angry 😉 . Well, last night, I checked it again, and of course it has flared up again. Its back to being red and weeping… The only extra thing he has had added to his diet, was a kangaroo tail. That was probably on Saturday. He wasnt keen on it, and actually vomitted it back up. So, obviously that is off his food agenda now...

    Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what this could be ??? I have a Vets appointment tomorrow am, for him, but would love any input from you all 😉 . I will take a pic of it later today, and post it, so that might help. Just want ideas, so we can discuss with the Vet tomorrow 🙂 .

  • I would guess that it is a yeast infection… and they are very hard to get rid of.....

  • FANTASTIC… Not...


    Is there anything you know of that I can use to try to get rid of this, if, in fact it is a yeast infection ??? I just have a picture in my mind about us ladies getting a "yeast infection", (aka - thrush...), so I can imagine how itchy and annoying it must be for him. Any ideas on something to bathe this area in ???

  • until you have it seen by a vet, and you think it's a yeast problem, you can try some plain cool yogurt. use the kind w/ live cultures in it. Yogurt does wonders for a yeast infection. I would gently clean the area w/ an antibacterial soap & warm water, pat dry, apply some plain (NO FRUIT, NO ADDED SUGARS) yogurt. and TRY to keep the dog occupied so it's not all licked off immediately… of course, I do realize that is MUCH easier said than done. good luck! I hope it clears up soon, whatever it is.

  • Our Tyson is experiencing the same type of rash. We have been using Neosporin and doggy hydrocortisone on it and it is helping alot. We took one of other B's to the vet this past Saturday and showed the vet pictures of Tyson's rash and he indicated it could be a yeast infection or skin irritation. Although, he said yeast infections are typically smelly and his rash is not. He also said we could buy human over the counter hydrocortisone and it would be fine. The big problem is him trying to lick it off. We have been applying the cream after he has been a sleep for an hour and then he tends to leave it alone. I will post pictures of his rash but my husband has them on his iPhone and I have to get them downloaded to my computer.

  • I have attached pictures of Tyson's rash. These images are at its worse. It has significantly improved with the hydorcortisone cream.

  • IMO that is certainly a yeast infection. And really needs to be seen by a Vet to clear it up.. (which can take months)… the hydorcortisone cream will help, but it will not clear it up. I am still battling off and on with Kobey's yeast infection. Probotices added to the diet also helps.

  • Thank you so much for this forum. Two vets here had no idea what it was, and my groomer though it could be ringworm (vet tested not). I have been adding a little yogurt to Medjai's food because of general health of it, but it has been getting better. If not for all of you, I would still not know what it is. I have tried everything I could think of to get rid of it and nothing has worked so far.

    They probably don't smell, because they keep themselves clean too much to develop a smell. I will probably try hydracortizone and I've been searching and found a baking soda mix poured on after a bath can help a lot as well.

  • here is a link about yeast infections


  • Hi Guys,

    Just dropped in quickly before I take Saba to the Vet. Thank you all for your input. jmcduff, that is exactly what his rash looks like, so Im guessing the diagnosis will be a yeast infection. I will update when we get home. Thanks again…

  • Well we have managed to confuse the Vet, no end :rolleyes: . She immediately thought it was a yeast infection too. He did have only one little lone yeast when she looked under the microscope, but she believes that would be his natural flora. She isnt sure what started this in the first place, but he now has a secondary bacterial infection. So, we are applying some Hydrocortisone cream twice a day, which has an antibacterial in it too, and supplementing his diet with some Omega 3, fish oil tablets also. Just wish I knew what started this in the first place 😕 😕

    Tanza, thank you for that link about the yeast infection, very interesting.

    jmcduff, those pics you showed of your boys belly, are identical to Saba's, thanks for sharing, as I forgot to put Saba's pic up :D...

  • Good luck, hopefully it will clear up fairly easily. If you are having issues with licking or itching dogs, try spraying a little bitter apple on top of the meds. I have also seen people use jammies/clothing to cover up the skin. But that is a hard area to block. 🙂 Or if worse comes to worse they might have to wear one of those lovely cones for a while. lol

  • Saba,

    Thanks for the info. Also, with Tyson he is not even bothered by the rash like itching and scratching. I would think in most cases, if it was a yeast infection, that it would be really itchy. I am probably going to take him in on the weekend to rule out/in if it is a yeast infection.


  • You can also trying using Tea Tree Oil around the infected area (and even on the area). Usually the taste and smell of Tea Tree Oil is enough to deter them from licking the area…

  • @jmcduff:

    I have attached pictures of Tyson's rash. These images are at its worse. It has significantly improved with the hydorcortisone cream.

    I'm glad you posted those. My foster Cairo has been licking the same area and has developed a rash that looks exactly like the one in Tyson's pics. We were trying to figure out what the heck it was and what we could treat it with topically that he wouldn't just lick off. I guess we will get to make a trip to the vet as well.

  • This could be totally off track, but when my basenji boy gets some type of food he reacts to, he lickes the inside of his legs where your dogs have issues.
    If I switch the food, and add benadril he stops with the licking.
    Again, this is a non medical judgement.

  • Thanks to everyone for all the advice, its all very much appreciated. Im happy to report that the rash is considerably less angry than, even, yesterday 😉 . The way I have been keeping the cream on, is what the Vet advised, to walk him as soon as you have applied it. A 10-15 min walk, is enough for the cream to soak in, and do its business 🙂 . I then feed him, after the walk, so that gives him a bit more time, leaving it alone, to soak in, while he eats. 😉

    O.T…...I am so glad this forum is here, the amount of info that is freely given, by the members, is truly incredible. The only thing that I get jealous about, is the incredible range of different dry foods, that you all have to choose from... We are extremely limited in Aus, and even more so where I live, (the little island hanging off the state of Victoria :p). Im thinking that the Barf diet might just be the way to go. Im currently learning all that goes along with the correctly balanced Barf diet... The other thing I need before I start, is a decent sized freezer too 🙂

    Anyway, again thanks to all, for the advice, its very much appreciated 😃 .

  • Yes, if the quality of food is not available to you, you might be better off either doing raw or your own cooked diet….

  • Tyson's rash is also looking better today.

    All my B's are on raw and some cooked but not much. They love it. They get mostly chicken and venison when I can get it.


  • That rash is EXACTLY what my bulldog would get, and in the same area.

    Weeps and then gets crusty? Has a weird odor?

    My vet put our Snorky on the topical Gentocin. It was like a miracle. Neosporin and hydrocortizone were only a very temp. fix. Gentocin worked immediately, didn't sting, didn't stain, or dry the skin to the point of flaking.

    Yeast infections love a damp environment. Keeping the area dry will help curb another outbreak.

    Gentocin: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=9562

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