Happy Birthday, baby dash boy

Dash is 5 today. They grow up so fast. He got to sleep in this morning under the covers. Got a couple greenies and a can of Grammy's Pot Pie. + a couple pepperoni's from Ernesto.

5 years ago we went into the pet store just to take a gander and walked out with the best baby boy ever. And although I will never purchase their again, without it I would not have been brought into such a great world of cooky dogs and cookier owners :p

Happy Birthday Dash!!! Enjoy your treats today and for years to come!

Happy birthday Dash - hope many treats come your way today.

Happy Birthday Dash!!!

Happy birthday to Dash!

Happy Birthday Dash!! Big birthday ROOOO from Ty and Kate.

Happy "B"-Day Dash!:D 😃 😃 😃

Happy Birthday Dash!

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