• I messed up the other photos - here's the one I managed to salvage of the lunatic Luny (aka Tommy).

  • What a sweet looking face.. and all "Tri"!!!!!!

  • Lovely, thanks for sharing.

  • what a cutie pie!!!

  • He is beautiful. What is his registered name?

  • A gorgeous tri boy! Luny is a good name for a tri!


  • @wizard:

    I messed up the other photos - here's the one I managed to salvage of the lunatic Luny (aka Tommy).

    Luny is so adorably handsome! He looks very content putting claim on his bed. Congratulations taking in a new family member. 🙂

  • Super Dooper looking Tri!!! Just love that little Senji face!:D

  • I finally got all Luny's information and looked up his pedigree.
    His registered name is Sonbar's Customized Color (from Bedlam Boogywoogy Bugle Boy and Sonbar's Brite Velvetslippers. There's 2 unknown africans only 5 generations back (through Avongara Zamee) and several from the Serengeti group. I didn't recognize any of the other recent names.

    Luny (aka Tommy) is an AKC Show Champion, an AFSA Field Champion and Lure Courser of Merit, a Large Gazehound Racing Champion, the first male second basenji to be Superior Gazehound Racing Champion, and was also a Junior Oval Racer. Wow what a background - I'm humbled that he agree to come home with me.

    He's also settling in more and more. Last night he jumped up on the couch to snuggle next to me and today he hardly complained when I crated him before I left for work (of course I had just tossed in the treat-filled kong). Now he's over in the corner tossing an old squeeky ball.

  • Sounds like its all going well.
    I am so happy for you and for him.

  • How super…. what a lucky fellow he is to be able to share his life with a wonderful B Mom..... sounds like a match made in heaven.... hugs....

  • Oh, he is just lovely - what a wonderful face. And like Pat said: sounds lke a match made in heaven! Lucky you - lucky Luny (cute name).

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