Cute B-mixes?

I was looking at all these cute B-mixes on Petfinder and the following question came up:

What do you think would make a cute, good looking B-mix with nice character? What breed should the B be mixed with?
(I'm NOT trying to promote B-mixes or whatever.. Just for fun..theoretically)

I once saw Basenji x Thai Ridgeback puppies. Both parents were pedigree dogs.. it was an accident. Can't find the pictures… Don't know about the character.. But it were very good looking dogs!!

So.. What do you think?

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Oh my, Boromir is gorgeous! mix or no.

Boromir is a real cute guy! How about his temperament?

My Gromit is a B-Mix, but I have not a real idea on his father. I was told it was a spanish street dog, so he might have been a mix as well….


Lovely dog…

Handsome dog. Love the ridge.

I had a Rhodie years ago. Great dog, smart, easy to train (big sigh here:o ). Reminded me of my sister's Vizlas. Are the Thai's much different?

Thais, Ridgies and Viszlas are all wonderful - what a handsome mix!

We have a basenji-Shiba Inu mix in our neighborhood and she is toooo adorable. She comes to our basenji gatherings sometimes and is a sweetie. I'll try to find a pic.

Here is the link with all the litter of basenji X thai pups

I think they're all very nice!

Yeah, they are nice! Very good looking pups, wouldn't mind having one of them 😃

I think a B x Cirneco dell'Etna would also be good looking 🙂

Was the Thai x Basenji an intentional cross? They are just stunning dogs and I rarely see so much work put into an entire litter of random mixed dogs. Mix bred dogs here in the US are usually put into pet homes. Sometimes an intentional mix bred is done for agility, flyball or hunting that I know of.

I was cruising around on PetFinder just for fun (yes I know, I should be working) and I came across a pair of Basenji/Dachsund mixes. They are so cute. Here's the link if you want to see.

Its a shame that there as so many basenji mixes showing up.
We have PB b's that are looking for home, and I know breeders have some puppies, or adult dogs to place.
The mixes are often lovely dogs…
I just wonder why someone would do this mixing...

Many of them are probably on accident, unfortunately. Sometimes, some beautiful dogs are the result.

Yes, but then you have the designer breeds ie, dogs with good PR and it just adds to the excess animal population.
Don't get me wrong, I love quality basenji breeders who work to improve the breed we love.
But these oops dogs, well, they are just more dogs that need homes.

I completely agree with you. I'm not saying people should breed anything with anything. I just thought I'd share a pic of that particular mix. It was cute. Lighten up! Nobody is disagreeing with you! 😃 😃

Sorry if I seem to be a bit grim on this…I do basenji rescue.
That is all I do.
I have post every day about some sweet looking dog who is a basenji mix.
Can I find a home for this dog???
I am working to save the PB and it breaks my heart I can't save the mixes as well.
I want all b's and b mixes to have a forever home.
Sorry again if this is negative.
Just telling you how it goes in my world.

Judging from your signature line, I kinda figured. I can tell that you are very passionate about the breed. That's good. I know how hard it must be to see all the animals who don't find good homes, Basenji or not. I would love to volunteer in an animal shelter someday when all of my children are in school during the day, but I would hate to see any of them have to be euthanized, pure bred or mutt.

Hollie is a Basenji/Whippet mix. I got her at a local animal shelter. Don't know if the mix was on purpose or accident and don't care…. Personally I prefer the mixes!!

You can see all her pics at:


Hollie is a Basenji/Whippet mix. I got her at a local animal shelter. Don't know if the mix was on purpose or accident and don't care…. Personally I prefer the mixes!!

You can see all her pics at:

Hollie is cute! She has the whippet ears 😃 😉

I saw on dogster the picture for Hollie with the 2008 Ugliest Dog Contest. I hope she didn't win because she is adorable…with her sweet smile...who could say she is ugly? 🙂

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