• Haven't read here for the last couple of weeks. I miss you all and all the B stories.

    FYI, my good friend had a grandbaby that was losing his battle with AML cancer in the last 6 months. He lost his battle last Friday. Rey was just over 2 years old. For those of you that believe, send prayers for Rey-Rey.

    Last Sunday evening Ty got "skunked". He ran in the doggie door, wiped his head on everything, including the NEW carpet, and basically stunk up the entire house.
    We have de-skunked the house and Ty's body, but Ty's head still stinks (especially his right ear). We tried Baby Shampoo so as to not hurt his eyes, but that is only marginally effective.

    Any suggestions?

  • Tomato juice soak - then wash Ty off with shampoo again. I think the acid in the tomato neutralizes and breaks down the stink oil. I had to giggle at your predicament though, sorry. It has happened to my ole boy, Rocky years ago.

    My prayers are with the baby's family. It's hard to grasp the loss of such a little life. May God bless Rey-Rey's soul.

  • Pet Smart has a deskunker wash.
    Did you try that? Or make your own up?

  • We use the formula invented by a retired scientist from Fermi lab…..

    1 quart 3 percent hydrogen peroxide
    1/4 cup baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
    1 teaspoon liquid soap

    Wet the dog, and work the formula through their fur. Leave the mixture set on the dog for four or five minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. Try to use cool water as warm water opens the pores and the oil is then introduced into the skin and harder to remove. This formula works great but you can't get it in to their eyes. I was afraid to use it on the carpet so I used a "Natures Miracle" product. It took several cleanings. My clothes and the dog bed were washed in the peroxide/baking soda solution and they are odor free.

    Ty still has a stinky head and ear

  • citrus scented dawn (the orange stuff) worked on me and Blaze… then Blaze again...

  • I tried the citrus dish soap on my previous beastie and it worked okay.

  • The formula snorky998 has is the same one I use in the grooming shop. Just becareful around his head.

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