• Hello,

    We are on sabbatical with our people Bonnie & Steve. We have lived in Roatan Honduras for the last 6 months and LOVE the beach. Our favorite activity is crab hunting….we also enjoy chasing lizards & spiders!!

    Spikey Pete is a tri-color Basenji mix. Adopted from a shelter in Colorado 8 years ago. Never realized HOW MUCH of a Basenji he was until we found this website!! Roxy is some sort of cattle dog mix, named Roxy because she looks like a fox...a wonderful companion for Spike. She is 4 years old, also adopted from a shelter in Colorado. Both dogs had a tough life before they came to us, so we are happy to give them a cushy life full of food, toys and fun places to travel!

    PS. Spike is proud to have 4 confirmed tarantula kills during his time in Roatan. Will add pictures once we figure it out....anyone know how to attach/compress a picture if the file is too big?

  • Try Forum Help and Information to learn how to post photos. We would love to see pics of your pups! I'm not so sure about the spiders, though!!!:( ughhh

  • Here's Spike enjoying a beach day…..Hope we figured out how to get the picture attached!

  • Yup, you got it! He actually goes in the water????

  • Here he does….the water is 85 degrees Farenheit! When he lived in Colorado, where the water was 30 degrees cooler, he wouldn't even get a paw wet. Apparently the temperature (plus the temptation of the crabs), makes all the difference.

  • Awww, he is such a cute little boy. He is very much Basenji, with a little twist on the coloration!!! I don't think Bella would stand for water at any temperature, crabs or not!:eek:

  • It's true! He actually does swim!!


  • Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing the cute photos. 🙂

  • What is he mixed with, some kind of water lovin' breed??? He,he,he!!:D

  • Welcome to the pack! Spike sure looks like a lot basenji in him (except for the water thing :))

  • Not sure what he may be mixed with. We figure some sort of terrier, but that's only a guess. The only clue we have on what else he may be is he had a sister with one blue eye. Anyone have any ideas on that? The Basenji part certainly has the strongest genes both in terms of his looks….and definitely his personality! Always thought he was the most unique dog...until I started to read about all of your B's! He has so many of the same traits...it's amazing.

  • don't border collies sometimes have one blue eye and one hazel eye?

  • You know, that's a good thought. He's bigger than the average Basenji. 45 lbs ideal…a little overweight right now, but he loves to eat. Border Collie may also explains his double hyper-activity factor!

    Dogs & their people leaving tomorrow for Atlanta GA for time with the families for the holidays. Our 2 actually do fairly well on the plane rides....believe it or not!! They have been checking out & spending time in their crates for the last couple days, which signals a journey for them since we don't usually crate them. They seem excited! They hate when we get the suitcases out, but not the crates.....means they aren't going.:(


  • Oh what a cute boy you have there… thank you so much for sharing.

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