• Took the kids out for a walk, and they both became very interested in a specific spot in the ivy. Acting funny, like there was something living, but I didn't see any movement. Booger picked it up, and I started commanding him to "drop" it. He started a low grumble in his throat; he was NOT willing to release whatever it was. At that point I noticed a 1 inch fuzzy tail hanging from his mouth. I started screeching because it was a dead nasty animal he had picked up. At that moment, Andrew arrived home. He came over & tried to get Booger to open his mouth. He was clamped down pretty hard & still growling, so it took him a few moments. When he finally got Booger's mouth open, it didn't fall out because it was speared on an upper tooth. We finally got it loose & it fell to the ground. It was the biggest mouse I've ever seen, about 5 inches long, with a tiny tail (maybe lost it in its final battle with a cat). UCK!!!!!! SO GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    On a later walk, Booger & Lola both tried to pull me over to their treasure. EW EW EW EW EWWWW!!!!

  • Well they are hunters you know. Be glad he didn't bring it in the house (my previous b used to catch rabbits and try to bring them inside during the winter - talk about yuk).

  • EWWWWW! Especially the being speared on the tooth part!
    Chey caught a pigeon in the yard once. I took them for their afternoon walk and when I went out to throw the poop out back I noticed feathers all over the yard. Silly me thought a cat or hawk had gotten the poor thing. I cleaned up the feathers and a foot, went inside and Chey wasn't around. I found her sitting on our bed with the remains, very proud of herself. It took me some coaxing to get it away from her and then I had to wash all the bedding…which I had just finished doing earlier in the day!

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