• Hubby has a queen size bed and when Shasta sleeps with him, he ends up with less room than a twin..
    She is so cute however, hard to resist the b's attempts to sleep next to you.

  • THIS is the exact reason why we decided from the moment that we brought our boy home that he was NOT going to be allowed to sleep in the bed with us. We might allow him on other pieces of furniture, but the bed is OURS! He has his own bed!

    You guys got punked into letting the B on the bed!! LOLOL

  • Yeah, Yeah…..I was warned, too. I was told don't let him sleep with you....and I did it anyway! I have no one to blame but myself.

    On a related note: has anyone noticed their b's sleeping habits aligning with household members? ie- I get up at 6:00 every morning during the week, so Jack gets up at 6:00 every morning when it is just me and him. When DH is home, he gets to sleep in....waaaaay in. Like until 2:00 pm. So Jack sleeps in when he is home and doesn't get up with me at 6:00 am.

    This was quite irritating on Saturday when I didn't have to wake up at 6:00 (and wanted to sleep in), but Jack decided to get up then anyway, then proceeded to do the B500 around the house.

  • We bought two double beds and put them together to give us more room…I still don't have any! Chey and Apache would meld into me if they could!

  • Our bed is the only place we don't let Fiji sleep too. Of course, she loved having the kids to sleep (on the hideabed) with while they've been visiting this summer, so now we're adopting another rescue B so she'll have someone to sleep with :p

  • Dallas was like that until I bought him a little bed of his own, which I set on top of my bed. It's one of those small roundish beds. Now he almost always sleeps in that! I just say "Dallas get in your bed" & he will climb right into it & be asleep within minutes.

    It's been nice having the whole bed to myself again!!!

  • I think it comes down to the Basenji Motto: "What's your's is mine and what's mine is mine." Rocco does the same thing. He is "allowed" on the automan, but he some how manages to inch his way up such that only his feet are on the automan and the the rest are on the couch. We haven't let Rocco sleep in our room yet, but everytime he gets into the room he jumps up on the bed and does the B500 around the top, hits the floor and grabs a dirty sock on the way out…and then just incase we did not see he had a sock, he brings it back to the bedroom door waits for eye contact and runs down the hallway.

  • I couldn't imagine not having my pups in bed with me. Some nights when it is SUPER HOT Zaire sleeps in the dog bed in my bedroom. I don't sleep so well on those nights, or I just cuddle up to Charlie more. I would be so sad not to have them breathing next to me all night. When I have to go out of town for a night I don't EVER get as good a nights sleep as when I am at home with them.

  • awwwww! That's sweet!

  • @Ninabeana26:

    Dallas was like that until I bought him a little bed of his own, which I set on top of my bed. It's one of those small roundish beds. Now he almost always sleeps in that! I just say "Dallas get in your bed" & he will climb right into it & be asleep within minutes.

    It's been nice having the whole bed to myself again!!!

    Nina that was brilliant!

  • @gemurray:

    Nina that was brilliant!

    Thanks 😃 I think I am lucky it worked so well with him…

    I will add though that some mornings, if he wakes up & sees I am laying on my back, he will get out of his bed & set his front end on my tummy & sleep. He used to curl up on my tummy when he was a tiny pup but now can only fit his top half. :p Although if I move too much he will go right back to his own bed. He hates to be disturbed while getting his rest! LOL

  • I could not imagine not sleeping with mine, especially on cold nights. Ours love to cuddle, especially under the blankets. I get very little space & often sleep in very contorted positions to accommodate the two of them, but I wouldn't trade it for all the king size beds & fluffy pillows in the world if it meant I couldn't sleep with them.

  • @gemurray:

    The trick that I've found works best is to let them in under the comforter, but on top of the sheet - then when you need to move them over, you just hold the sheet and slide over and they slide with you. They don't even growl like if you tried to do the same thing by pushing them over with your hands.

    I'm glad that works for you, but if my 2 get on either side of me up close on the top sheet, then it's impossible to roll over. It's like they weigh 50 lbs each!! Although I must say, an all out sprawl is easier to move than a curled up ball.

    Do any of you that have b's that insist on being under the covers at night, do they also insist on a blanket to be covered up in the dog bed, on the sofa, etc., when they nap? My male (vocally)insists on a blanket unless he's in direct sunlight on an 80 degree day. He's such a pain:rolleyes:

    Nina, the small round dog bed on the bed is a great idea! Unfortunately Katie digs into and guts those as if they're a plush squeaky toy.

  • I love sleeping with Tosca too, although she is a bed hog just like everyone else. Since she will only sleep on one side of me (the open side where the rest of the bed is, although she has to be RIGHT next to me), I will go in the middle of the bed first, then once she is settled I will move over more to my spot. That way I get a decent amount of room 🙂

    She will usually sleep under the covers with me, and then get up and go on top sometime during the night. Or, when my husband comes to bed (usually later than me) she will get up and go between his legs. However, lately she doesn't really like going under the covers, my husband has this blue blanket on his side that she has become ADDICTED to! She will lately choose that over everything else, not sure why 🙂
    One night I went to bed with her, and for some reason the blanket was on the floor. Well, she actually chose to lay on that, rather than the bed! 😞
    If I really want to lay by her at night (such a nice cuddly feeling!) I will be mean and scrunch the blanket all up so that she can't lay on it, then she will crawl under the covers by me. I have to admit, though, I do get a more solid night's sleep when she is just sleeping near me, not actully pressed up against me!

  • Manning always has to sleep under the covers between my legs. At first he starts on top but by the time he is ready to really get to sleep he comes over and uses his paw to pull up the edge of the cover so I know to lift the cover and let him under. He isn't spoiled at all is he? (sarcastic sigh!)

  • Sahara loves to sleep where we are, and sometimes sleeps on the couch b/c that is where I end up at times. I have been having some back problems, and I will fall asleep on the couch and will find myself there in the morning even though DH comes in and wakes me up to say, "You need to get up and move to the bed now", which I never quite make it, anyways, Sahara will sleep in between my legs, but moves to bed with Daddy when I get up to go to work. Hubby works nights so he sleeps pretty late and Sahara will scratch his hand to get him to put the sheet or blanket up so she can go in under the covers. She is spoiled so bad I am surprised you can't smell her, haha:eek: :eek: !!!

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