• Hello!
    I am a first time dog owner and Basenji owner. Our Basenji is truly amazing. We could have never asked for a better companion. He is very challenging but we are dedicated to making it a fulfilling experience. One week into owning Mick he learned several commands. He is very smart. We got him at 5 months old. He is now 8 months old. So we've only had him for a short time but he has changed our lives considerably. I just wish we could bring him everywhere we go.



  • Welcome to the pack…what a cute boy you have there. So glad you found this forum, it's a great resource for any B owner. 😃

  • Hello and welcome to the forum! Enjoy! (the forum and your B :D)

  • How cute… where did you get your B from?

  • @tanza:

    How cute… where did you get your B from?

    Believe it or not we got him from one of those "retail" dog places. The vet said it was a good thing because he probably wouldn't have lasted much longer 😞
    I'm so happy we found each other. He is positively made my family complete. I would have never guessed in a million years that I would own a dog. He makes me so happy.

  • You should consider DNA testing for Fanconi in that case. You can read about it at www.basenjihealth.org and also get familar with Basenji health concerns.
    Glad that he has work out… he is very cute...all curled up and "asleep"....

  • I know how you feel about your furbaby, I have the same experience. I have had dogs before when a child but this is different. Basenjis will get you hooked line and sinker to them, we just love, love our Sahara. We will never own any other breed, they are just the best, and as you have found out the smartest. Welcome to our forum, good luck and the longer you have your furbaby the more you will love him.

  • Congatulations on your Basenji!! We should get together. We live in Malvern PA and have a female basenji named Kaya. She was more or less a rescue as a friend from work found her running in traffic. We were the third placement and were told that she was a fox terrier. We realized she was a basenji and joined the forum to learn how to manage her. Like many, I cannot go anywhere without her. I just returned from a vacation to Charleston /Folly Beach SC. WHile there, she literally bent the metal bars on the crate I kept her in when I went out to do some touring. She became anxious, squeezed out of the bars and escaped. WHen she couldnt see out the windows, she tore apart the blinds, ate them, tore them to bits, then defacated all over the white area carpet!!! Lovely! WHat a disaster!!! Dont know if I'll do that again. Gotta love those basenjis though!!!

  • What a beautiful baby! An addiction like any other… will take up considerable amounts of time & money, will alienate your non-addicted friends, and you won't want to spend any time without it. I try to take mine EVERYWHERE I can!!

  • Hi and welcome! I love the picture 🙂

  • Wow! You guys are so right. We are completely consumed by Mick. I have literally been a member on this board one day and I feel a connection with all of you. I'm so comforted by this its overwhelming. No one really understands unless you own a B. I texted my husband about getting a lil baby girl basenji. I think if Mick had a playmate he would be even happier. Am I crazy?

    I think Mick would love to play with Kaya. Let's make a play date Lorraine. I'm off on Friday. What's your schedule?

  • We started with one basenji, then everyone on this forum talked us into getting a second one. We love it and they love to have another basenji to play with.

  • He's a handsome baby!

    I wish I could take mine everywhere too!

  • Would love to have a play date. I am out of work due to recent hand surgery and Friday would be fine. What area are you in? Any dog parks around you? I have another dog (Manchester Terrier) but he was a puppy mill dog and becomes anxious in certain situations so I would just bring Kaya. Getting a second dog is definately a smart move, even if its not a basenji. My two love eachother, they play, wrestle, and cuddle together. We also have two cats and Kaya loves to play with them too. Let me know about Friday, when and where?

  • I do not have a fenced yard but we could meet at any of these. Mick has never been to a dog park. Our vet recommend we keep him away cause there might be aggressive dogs there but if we go on Friday late morning there shouldn't be a crowd. What are your thoughts?

    Off-Leash Dog Parks

    Chester Avenue Dog Park -Chester Ave and 48th Philadelphia
    Eastern State Dog Pen -Corinthian Ave & Brown St Philadelphia
    Orianna Hill Dog Park -North Orianna St, between Poplar and Wildey Philadelphia
    Pretzel Park Dog Run -Cresson St Philadelphia
    Schuylkill River Park Dog Run -25th St between Pine and Locust Philadelphia
    Segar Dog Park -11th Street between Lombard and South St. Philadelphia

    Carpenter Woods
    Wissahickon and Mt. Pleasant Avenues, cross streets Sedgewick and Greene
    benches, trees, parking
    comments = In West Mt. Airy section; woods with paths; meadow in ravine where dogs congregate.

    Pennypack Park
    NE Philadelphia, between Verree and Pine Roads, cross streets are Pine and Bloomfield
    operated by Fairmont Park System/ Friends of Pennypack Park
    *Please note: we have received word that this park is NOT an off-leash park - all dogs in this area must be leashed, rangers will ticket unleashed dogs. We have no further info so use area at your own risk.

  • Welcome to the pack and to dog ownership - this is such a great resource for basenjis - lots of good stuff if you search around a bit.

  • Val,

    Welcome to the forums! My sister lives in Old City, Philadelphia and sometimes I bring the dogs along with me when I visit. I will let you know the next time we are coming up and maybe we could meet up. She just moved into Philly from Wilmington, DE, her place in Wilmington had a nice dog park behind the library.

    I have been to the park on Locust (I think that was the one) in Philly and it was not bad but parking was kind of tough and the park was mostly concrete if I remember correctly.

    I recommend getting the Philly Dogs have More Fun book (ISBN-10: 0940159589), The Dog Lover's Companion to Philly book (ISBN-10: 15669177430) and A Bark in the Park: The 55 Best Places to Hike with Your Dog in the Philadephia Region book (ISBN-10: 0974408344) I bought all three of these books for my best friend and she says they have been really great when she is looking for something new to do with her dog.

  • Val,

    I live in Chester County which is about 45 minutes from the city and I'm only familiar with the dog park in West Chester. I would be more than happy to meet at any of the parks you mentioned however, I have no idea which one would be better. I do not have a fenced in yard either and that is why I go to dog parks once in awhile. You do have to be careful as you mentioned. While most dog parks have rules about aggressive dogs, etc, I dont think many follow the rules and it can be dangerous. You also have to worry about them catching an illness as our vet cautioned. Kaya loves to run off leash though so I'm hoping for a place that is fenced in. I will take a look at the places you mentioned and see if I can find one of those books that was recommended. Hopefully it wont rain on Friday. Kaya doesnt like to get her feet wet, is Mick like that too??

  • Val,

    Sorry, but I'm not going to be able to make it this Friday. I completely forgot that I have therapy and a doctor's appt this Friday. I think my vacation threw me off schedule. I thought it was next week. My hand therapist reminded me this morning. Maybe we can try another day/time in the future.

  • How adorable! we are in westminster,MD close to baltimore, and I visit newark Delaware often. so were not to far away!

    I feel the same way about my "B". she is my life! I wasnt even a "dog" person before her. I love how challenging she is! She reminds me of myself!


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