AKC Realignment of the Hound Group

  • @torchsong:

    Geez, first Pluto's no longer considered a planet and now Basenjis aren't going to be hounds anymore.

    The terrorists have won. 🙂

    "Companion Dog" seems like a really weak alternative…they ARE hounds, regardless of sight or scent, for reasons already mentioned.


  • @tanza:

    If the choice is between a scent and sight, then IMO a Basenji is a sighthound… which is how I voted....

    As noted, you have to be a Basenji Club of America member

    I got the email and I voted sighthound as well. God I hope the change to the grouping of the basenji from a hound to a companion doesn't happen 😞 :mad:.

    I was walking both Ruby and Brando last night and they clearly saw some animal in the woods that I couldn't see…they were going crazy. Then the whole way back they were tracking something. My brother said, "hey kids, you're not supposed to do that...you're just companion dogs :D". They are such hounds!

  • Here in Europe (FCI) there are ten groups in which dogs are divided. The Basenji is placed in Group 5: Spitz and primitive types.
    There is also a group for sighthounds (group 10) and scenthounds (group 6).

  • Just because they know the best/softest spot in the house does not make them non-sighthounds.

  • @agilebasenji:

    Just because they know the best/softest spot in the house does not make them non-sighthounds.

    Of course.. they "sighted" the softest spot/best spot and they are there!!!

  • @tanza:

    Of course.. they "sighted" the softest spot/best spot and they are there!!!

    Perfect!:D 😃

  • I have always felt basenjis were equally sight and scent hounds, but in my personal experience I would say the sight hound is more dominant. EL D will spot a squirrel at 100 yards and take off but will walk over something smelly and then come back to cast for it, sometimes too widely. And for sure the hunter instinct is way dominant over the companion part.
    They won't win Westminster Best of Show in the companion group anyway (when was the last time a basenji won best of group at Westminster). Yes I know I'm cynical about that.

  • With Dallas I notice the scent hound more dominant than the sight. Dallas is always sniffing EVERYTHING! When we go on walks in the woods he follows scents through the trails. I don't notice him spotting something in the woods as often as he is sniffing after something. Not saying he doesn't watch things or see things far off that I cannot see, but for some reason with him I just think his scent is dominant over sight.

    However, as long as they stay in the hound group I will be happy! 🙂

  • How the heck can they put Basenjis into "Companion". Is this going to take hte place of the Non-Sporting Group? It is an insult to the breed to place it with dogs like dalmatian and others that are good for practically nothing.

    The AKC headquarters is a few miles from here, maybe I should start a protest! 😉

    I do kind of like the Spitz and primitive breeds category.

  • After looking at the existing hound page on the AKC's website, (http://www.akc.org/breeds/hound_group.cfm), it's easy to see which other breeds the Basenji belongs with. The build of a Basenji is very similar to the Ibizan Hound and the Pharoah Hound - which will probably both end up on the sight hound group. I just can't see them in the scent hound group with the Basset Hound or Beagle!

    In the hound description, the AKC says: "Most hounds share the common ancestral trait of being used for hunting. Some use acute scenting powers to follow a trail. Others demonstrate a phenomenal gift of stamina as they relentlessly run down quarry." I can definitely see the Basenji fitting into the first and last of this criteria. Hopefully after getting all of the feedback that they have, they'll keep B's right where they belong - in the sighthound group!

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