• Here in Dominican Republic, we go by the Federation Cynologique International,.. which means Basenjis are not hounds, but rather belong with the spitz dogs and primitives…, I believe this is so in most of the world, except US and UK, possibly Australia???? so they compete with spitz and pomeranians. .. NOW, anyone who owns or knows anything about basenjis knows that they are truly hounds... i really don't understand how they can fall in a group with pomeranians!!
    I was wondering if there was any way to petition for this to change.. does anyone have any thoughts!!!!

  • I suppose they are there because of the 'primitive' designation but I don't understand why they are grouped with the dogs they are under FCI rules.

  • Yeah, i dont really understand the primitive category… Most dogs are grouped by their characteristics or abilities, what they were bred to do, .. Primitive just groups them by history, how old the breed is?... They are grouped with podencos and cirneccos which makes sense, but then also with huskies and malamutes and Pomeranians. the result for me is that instead of competing with the whippets and Italian greyhounds I compete with the spitz and Pomeranians, that makes no sense to me...

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