• I have been doing some research on the necessity for new native stock for the future of basenjis, I got really interested after seeing the Lukuru puppies and learning about their project. My question is…
    if it is so important to bring african dogs and mix them with the gene pool of the modern dogs... Why do they close the STUDBOOK???
    Why do people have to petition to get it opened and why do they only open it for five years.????
    It seems to me, they should leave it open, so that more and more African dogs can be brought!!! I don't understand.

  • The purpose of a studbook is to show lineage. The development of breeds is based on a closed lineage. Most breeds are developed, other dogs not brought in, move forward. For the AKC and other national stud books, breeds that want to open it are rare… ie developed breeds. I am not sure if there shouldn't be some process for petitioning AKC to do it longer, and in fact not sure how it works (ie can they reopen it every so many years? is there a limit to how many times?)

    But in reality, it makes sense to me to make it a 5 yr window. That allows time to add dogs, then to see what that addition DOES to the breed. Let's say we let in new dogs and in 2 generations we have Basenji with green tails. If the stud book has been closed, we can more easily narrow down the green tail gene carriers. In a practical sense, it allows new in, but time to fine tune those new genes to fit what we want (ie the breed standard), and get things stable before allowing in even more. It allows a controllable fix if you let in something disastrous.

    When you introduce new genes, especially talking here about native stock with no genetic studies behind them, no generations of observations... you don't really KNOW what will happen. Allowing short term really is a way to bring in new in a controlled manner.

  • I guess that makes sense.. I guess I was just concerned because, not only is time running out for the "modern basenji" but pretty soon, those areas in africa that still have intact populations of basenji will change and the dogs will mix with other dogs and thats that.. all it takes is one government down there to decide to "develop" an area , or one foreign company to find some precious metal, or oil, for it to be the end of basenjis, so I guess I think they should hurry. Also I think with all the tests that can be done now, you can maybe make sure that you dont allow in any dogs with certain posible diseases.I dont know, its just that from everything that Ive read, it seems that the bottom line is that more is better….
    Another thing that I was thinking about , and that was something I thought about when I read how much Dr Jo paid for mopaya, is that maybe its better to keep the stud book closed because if there is a rush or a big number of people going down there to buy dogs. pretty soon there gona start doing bussiness with it and then they will sart breeding them to sell, and then THAT will definetely be the end.. So maybe it is better to not have it opened and really glad Dr.Jo didnt pay more for the dogs.

  • I wish there was something I could do to help…

  • Well I do think it would be good if someone found funding to bring in more dogs now, but I don't know. 😞

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