Head in the cookie…box?

So I really wish I had gotten a picture to attach to this story but it's just too funny to not share…

Yesterday I got home from work & typically Dallas greets me at the door. Well, he didn't so I figured something was up. I walk into the living room & I see him laying down with his head completely inside of an empty box of Kitten Chow. I say "Dallas, what are you doing??" He stands up, turns his head to me & just stands totally still...with the box still on his head!!! He was just standing like a statue with this box of kitten chow on his head & I could almost hear his little brain thinking: Maybe if I stand still she won't see me...HAHAHAHA. I tried to grab my camera but after about a minute he shook his head & managed to get his head out of the box with his paws. I laughed about it for probably the next 20 minutes. LOL

It was a total hand caught in the cookie jar moment...or as I said, head caught in the cookie box. LOL. These dogs are just plain hilarious :p

Any of you have funny stories to share?

Sahara had her head inside my son's empty fast food burger bag just the other day. She was walking around with it, we just died laughing, couldn't find my camera then, never can when you have the perfect Kodak moment. haha!!!!:D 😃 😃

Gawd I was just bursting at the seams ready this 😃 😃 😃

Too funny!! I can just imagine him with that cookie box on his head 😃 😃

Lola has finally grown to reach the bag of dog food on the shelf in the closet, but I wasn't aware she knew how to get into it. Last night after I fed them she disappeared. I didn't notice for probably 10 minutes, until I heard a quiet rustling noise. I called her & she didn't come so I went to find her. She was standing on her hind legs, head inside the bag helping herself. She turned around and looked at me like "Well you left the door open…."
She still looks like a blimp today.

When they are quiet, be afraid, very, very afraid! Laugh.

I love it! That's cute! I will have to post the pic of Congo. He ate all his food in his bowl one day and I left the bag of food out and he thought he could just help himself so I got a great pic of his head in the dog food bag. So funny!

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