The art of Muay Thai Shanghai ? Thai Boxing

  • Oz body fit is the first Muay Thai workout place in Shanghai. Founded by Mr.Tomer Oz, the Thai boxing club found the heart and the sweat of many people, who seek for exercise, rush, adrenaline, fitness and health in Shanghai.

    Our Muay Thai classes focus on helping students develop the POWER WITHIN, leaving the machines behind and only using your body for a total body workout. Developing speed, power, endurance, cardio health and dexterity all by practicing punches, hooks, uppercuts and kicks. We offer you Personal or Collective classes in order to suit your schedule and budget.

    Students wear hand wraps and Thai boxing gloves for a truly friendly workout that builds up the students skills like professional boxers. In addition to the Thai boxing exercises, all classes begin with a 20-30 minute intense cardiovascular aerobic ?warm up? that focuses on your body?from jumping rope to pushups and squats! Our Thai boxing workouts leave you exhausted, yet refresh your mind and your spirit! Join us for a new fitness program that will surely enhance and change your life!

    Our classes range from Level 1 Basic for students to develop stamina, power and Muay Thai technique to Level 2 which consists of a strenuous and challenging workout and sparring!

    thai boxing shanghai

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