• www.dogtagart.com

    Anyone use it?? Anyone an artist here? I want to get one of these tags for Congo but there's no really cool Basenji tags other than ones that I've quickly uploaded. It's an awesome site. You can upload any picture/design. They're top quality tags with lifetime warranties. I know a couple people with them! Love it! Thinking about getting one for my boy for Xmas.

  • How could a person get just one? Those are incredible!

    Actually folks, if you don't need a dog tag, have a look at them anyway! The sayings on them are hilarious!

  • Nicky has a tag (decorative only) that says "Who you calling a bitch?" that we got at a local art show.

    These tags are all funny, thanks for sharing.

  • OOHHHHH! They have Basenji tags too. Some of the sayings are hilarious!

  • LOVE them, I don't do tags but those are great!

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