Does your B love cardboard boxes?

  • Yesterday my husband and I went to get a tree for our yard and while we were gone Sahara got into a cardboard box that was left by UPS. It was a pair of shoes my husband had ordered online and Sahara ripped the box open and the shoes were here and there in the yard. We could not believe it, she has never done this before. I guess she was telling us how dare we both leave her at the same time. haha!!!!:rolleyes:

  • Jazzy LOVES the cardboard tubes from paper towels. She'll chase them all around for a few minutes, then settles in to shred them.

  • i always thought that was just roxy…apparently they all love cardboard, is it safe to eat? ....😕

  • Joey gets the paper towel cardboard rolls and the TP rolls (sans tissue). He loves tossing them about, then shredding them. He always spits out the pieces tho.

  • Cali loves anything made of cardboard. I can't leave any cardboard boxes around or they will get shredded to pieces and I am left to clean up the mess. I had left a couple of cardboard boxes by my front door last night from a couple of items that I had purchased. I fell asleep last night (knocked out from taking allergy medicine) and forgot to shut my bedroom door so Cali could not get out of my room. When I woke up at 4 am this morning there was shreds of cardboard all over my living room and bedroom floor:eek: . I am normally a light sleeper and can hear everything, but when I woke up Cali was sleeping peacefully at the bottom of my bed. She must of had a really good time last night:)

  • Chase and Zahra both do this, my living room is not safe from cardboard snow flurries! In fact I am staring at the remnents of a box that my new curtain rod came in.

  • Our girls love cardboard! What is funny is to watch one of our labs root through the cardboard recycle box for just the "right" piece to give to her sisters! :p Then they all enjoy shredding it, playing tug along the way!

  • We have 2 basenjis . Our littlest loves cardboard boxes. Her refined tastes make the coke refrigerator packs and the cheerio's box her favorites. She has a toy box full of toys. My daughter shows in agility, (not with basenjis) and does quite well, since they give toys for winning to the dogs she has a huge supply she passes on to us. The 3yr old loves those toy gifts, the 2 yr old much perfers her boxes and rarely plays with toys. We feed cheerios for treats as the older guy has weight issues. They actually perfer cherrios to other treats. There is always a cheerio's box around Her most fun is to run through the house or outside wanting you to try and catch her and her box du jour. It is certainly amazing how fast they can rip it and what tiny pieces of former box they can leave behind.:rolleyes:

  • Yea my girl Sahara, loves cardboard. Once my hubby and I came home to find a box in the yard that the mailman had left. The lambskin slippers were in the yard, and the box was in shreds. After that my hubby put up a brass shelf by the door for all our parcels. If there is a cardboard box around,yea she will chew on it, have to put those away if it contains something important. Gott love those Bs!

  • Lillie, my 1 year old basenji, who I have now had for 2 1/2 months loves to eat everything. I must keep all the bedroom and bathroom doors closed or she will get into everything. She also loves the tubing from paper towels, cardboard boxes and plastic bags. She will usually take them in her mouth, run away from me but always give it up to me when I try and take it from her. There have been many times where I have not been fast enough and she has shredded the cardboard and/or plastic bags. I have to say that out of all the dogs I have owned (starting with when I was a child); Lillie is definitely the funniest. This is my first experience with a basenji and it can be quite trying at times but also extremely funny and enjoyable!

    Sorry to change the subject - do you find your basenji affectionate? I am not used to a dog not showering me with kisses. I do see her tail wag when I first come in the door. However, the only time she will give me kisses is when I have water on my hands. Just curious.

    I just had a laugh from her - the TV is on, Lillie is standing on my bed and she hears a dog bark on the TV. She goes over to the TV, looks at the TV moves her head from side to side, stands on her hind legs and tries to hit the dog with her paw. I can't express the enjoyment I get from her. She is just delicious!

    Take Care,

  • Basenjis are affectionate on their own terms… some are, some are not... you need to remember they are an independent, thinking dog, meaning they are always looking for "What's in it for me". Also, since she is new to your home and already a young adult, it will take time for her to warm up to you and show her true feelings. Many Basenjis do not lick and the ones that do are enough to drive you over the edge.ggg... my oldest girl never licks... never has.... except when wet...

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