• I have three dogs - a 13 month old male B, a 3 month old female B and a lab mix rescue. They all stand patiently and wait their turns for their doggie cookies. I handed out the cookies and heard a bunch of running around while I was putting the lid on the cookie jar. The 3 month old had stolen everyone else's cookies and was running around the house like a nut trying to hide each one (including her own) in a different spot! Of course the other B was right behind her. However, she is so much smaller than him that she hid them all in places he couldn't get to. It was really cute. Of course I then had to hand out more cookies and make sure she didn't swipe them!! I wondered where she kept finding cookies! Pretty smart cookie, don't ya think?:p

  • Don't you just luv em!

  • Yeah, They're awesome!!

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