Hello from Denmark

My name is Esther and I am proudly owned by three Basenjis, one Basenji-Mix and a Galgo-Espanol Bitch.

We do live on Denmarks Westcoast directly at the North Sea Beaches.

Pictures will follow soon.

Best wishes,


Welcome to the pack Esther. What are your B's and Galgo's names. Can't wait to see pics when you get a chance. 🙂

Hello and welcome to the forum:D

ok, the name of the Galga is Vega (such as the star, she came from a rescue organization and is about 5-7 Years old). Gromit is the Basenji-Mix (he is already 6 Years now, time runs fast). Jester is the Basenji male (his pedigree name is Old Legend's Anam Chara), he is three and almost a half Year old now. Then comes Banshee (born in December 2006, Pedigree name is Old Legend's Banshee) and finally our youngster: Panda, born in November 2007 (Pedigree name is Lis Glamur Velikaya Panda-Monkey). All the Basenjis are black and white, Gromit is fula black and Vega's colour is kind of cinnamon with a dark (ok, its getting grey now) mask.

If you can't wait to see pictures, please feel free to surf our website at:


I have met Petra at the shows a few times and she has some very nice dogs:D

Your dogs are lovely:D

Welcome to the site!! Cute Bs!

Hello and a big welcome from the Netherlands!

Great website, lovely dogs (Panda is my absolute favorite) and superb photos!

Welcome to the pack! Nice looking dogs!

Welcome! You have lovely dogs, I love black & whites! And your beach looks endless, it is beautiful.

Anne in Florida

Thanks for your warm welcome greetings 🙂

As my Internet connetction is not available constantly, please be patient until I can upload the pictures I have promised…. sorry....


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