• Annie is a 12 year old mutt that my brother and his wife picked up, well, 12 years ago. Annie also is my niece's choldhood companion. Annie was around when she was born and my niece is now 6.

    He describes her a bit on his webpage and there is a picture…here:

    I got an email from my sister in law this morning that she started limping late last week and the vet guessed it was an arthuritis flare up (WRONG!), as of Sunday, she couldn't walk anymore. She's currently at the University of Georgia Veterinary Clinic being tested for what they initially thought might be a tumor on her spine. They started with her lungs because, in dogs, cancer starts there and takes them down quickly.

    I just spoke with my brother and the latest update is that they are thinking it may be lymphoma. But honestly, they weren't conclusive. Yesterday, she was trying to stand and walk, but as of now, she's lost interest in even trying and she's losing interest in eating as well. The MRI showed, basically, what is described as a mess in her brian and down her spine but they didn't find any tumors. It's not looking really good for her now and we're all hoping that they will determine what is going on inside of her and be able to attempt treatment. They can't figure out, though, whether it's disease, infection or something fungal related, so they don't currently know how to treat it. The wrong treatment could speed up a deadly process already at work inside of her.

    Annie has been my brother's family's companion for 12 good years. Let's all root for her…

  • Oh dear.

    This just made my heart sink. Do keep us posted.

    I'm taking Gypsy in soon for what I hope will be a diagnosis of arthritis. Lordy, I hope that's all it is.

  • Hope it all goes well.

  • Good wishes for Annie, she looks like a wonderful dog.

    Anne in Tampa

  • Latest update from my sis in law:

    "The latest is that they are giving her antibiotics as well as Prednisone to treat both possibilities (infection or auto-immune). Tomorrow they will do the spinal tap. They found no masses in her abdomen. Their feeling is that it's more than likely an auto-immune disorder. They actually said we may be able to take her home tomorrow if she responds to the treatment. I hope we're not getting our hopes up for nothing. It still could be irreversible."

  • I'll hope for the best for all concerned. I sincerely hope all goes well.

  • Hoping for the best however it works out.

  • Keeping Annie in all our good thoughts.

  • I would have assumed that they have ruled out Vestibular? Of course the rapid eye movement is a dead give away for this disorder… and common to older dogs with no known cause other then age. For anyone interested here is a link: http://www.canine-epilepsy.com/vestibular.html

    My Mickii just had a bout with this, recovered completely in 3 wks… but I will say that they are correct in the "after care" being the most important

  • Latest update:

    "They think she has GME. If you google that, the prognosis is not very good,
    but some dogs live for a few years with daily medication. I'm still hoping
    it's infectious in which case, by today we would see an improvement from the
    antibiotics. That would be totally reversible."

    I hope that GME isn't the case. If it is, I hope it's a manageable form of it.

    All about GME, if you are interested:

  • So they were able to take Annie home early this week. Seems she's still weak and has some minor trouble walking, but she's definately on the mend - but not 'the same old Annie' just yet. Spinal fluid test results have not come in yet. They have her on massive doses of various drugs and it seems to be helping a bit. She's not out of the hot water yet, but she seems to be improving. More later…

  • Glad to hear Annie was able to go home and is doing better!

  • Sometimes the best medicine is to be around those you love. Hopefully being with her family will help her continue to heal. Thanks for the update….keep us posted.

    (Sending healing thoughts to Annie)

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