2 older basenjis need to be rehomed

  • I have Linda's permission to post this - people are welcome to contact her directly if they have any ideas.

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to put the word out there about a pair of Basenjis that are needing to be placed; a brother & sister
    pair that Jeff and I sold to a couple while we were still in Mobile are needing to be re-homed. The owners are being transferred to Australia, and don't know when or if they'll be returning to the US in the near future; the minimum that
    they'll be there is two years, and likely more. Misty called me tonight, and they're extremely upset about having to give up the dogs but feel that it's in the best interest of everyone, especially the dogs since they'd be
    quarantined for such a long time.

    Mackenzie and Bowie are ten year old siblings, spayed and neutered, and are from the same litter as my Bred By dogs
    that I was showing when we moved to Minnesota; the parents are both Kibushi dogs that we own. (The sire is deceased now; we put him down at 16 y/o due to dementia and progressive renal failure.) They're a bonded pair, and
    Misty is hoping to place them together as Bowie is very attached to his sister and grieves when they're apart. They
    had the dogs before they had their two daughters, now 6 and 2, and the dogs are excellent with the children–have never snapped, growled or made an aggressive move toward them even when the girls were toddlers.

    The dogs are currently in eastern Washington state, and Misty said that they're not planning the overseas move
    until June and will be able to keep the dogs until then with no problem. Obviously, Jeff and I will take them back if no other home is found, but with our dogs being as aggressive as they are to non-pack members, and the fac that we don't have a kennel set-up, it would be the least desirable situation for all of the dogs. Misty and I are contacting BRAT about helping with placement, but if anyone knows of someone who'd be interested in a bonded pair of
    siblings who are housebroken, good with kids, very sweet lapdogs and extremely affectionate with their humans, I'd love to talk to them. I have no doubt that Misty and Michael would be willing to transport Mackenzie and Bowie
    if a suitable home can be found outside of the Pacific Northwest, so please do let me know if you have any ideas on possibilities as far as homes.

    Thanks so much!

    Linda Raines
    Maru Aten Basenjis
    Minneapolis, MN

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