Two female basenjis- need to rehome

I have two female basenjis (ages 5 and 6) that I am trying to re-home. My husband has been having medical issues since September 2012 and we added a family member in May of 2013 and I know it has affected my two basenjis and I would like to re-home them. I love them but I know that they are not receiving the attention they deserve. I have tried to find homes locally without any luck. If anyone has any resources or could help me I would appreciate it.


have you contacted your breeder?

I would definitely contact Basenji Rescue And Transport. They will take your girls into foster, and then make sure they are placed into a well-screened forever home. This is their website:
BRAT volunteers are passionate about Basenjis, and BRAT is probably one of the most well-run breed specific rescues in existence.

Please contact your breeder first and then if they can't / will not help, contact BRAT

We did not get them directly from a breeder. When we lived in NJ they were at a pet store and that's where we got them, although I do believe the breeder information is in the paperwork.


If they came from a pet store, that means that they came from a Puppy Mill, so you will get no breeder help. Please contact BRAT as noted:

They will really take the time to place them into great homes so I agree that would be the best option. With BRAT it is always about the dogs best interests

If they had better paperwork
I might have entertained the thought of adoption

Again, hope that you have contacted BRAT to take them for placement….. It would be great if you have had them tested for Fanconi with the DNA test.. that would help in getting them placed faster...

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